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D.O.B.: January 12, 1993
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 160 lbs.
TWITTER @: jaketrieshisbes
NICKNAME(S): (If Applicable)
PICTURE BASE: Nathan Fielder
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Run Away" - Real McCoy
FIGHT VENUE: The Wes Deist Aquatic Center, Idaho Falls.  While not confident in his wrestling skills in an actual ring, roughhousing in a pool was where he originally wanted to become a wrestler in the first place.  So, he feels more comfortable and confident in this aquatic environment.  However, seeing as though there is more than just an indoor olympic-sized swimming pool, opponents can very well goad him outside where things could really, really hurt.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Jake, while well-liked, is by all intents and purposes a meek L7 weenie.  Aware of this, he is not hesitant to use a weapon if the environment calls for it.  For example, pool noodles, while not effective in causing pain, is a good way to distract and irritate the opponent into slipping up and thus allowing for him to quickly climb out of the pool and cannonball onto him/her.

SPECIALIZATION(S): ex. Technical, Comedic, Desparation
- Fair adaptability at fight venue surroundings
- Extremely lucky
- Opponents tend to take him lightly, which can allow for holes in their defense.
- Lack of talent, skill, and athletic ability. 
- Cowardice
- His niceness is perceived as weakness.  Which he is.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: He really shouldn’t be a wrestler. But he really wants to be a wrestler. Despite his lack of talent and charisma, he became a wrestler. Is essentially a knock off of ECW’s Mikey Whipwreck: a beloved loser who can’t seem to catch a break.  He looks to continue to build his career in F2W against not only other wrestlers but legitimate fighters, which is the stupidest idea ever: only he feels as though that in HIS arena, he has a competitive advantage.  (Completely disregarding that he too will have to travel to other fight venues.)
BIOGRAPHY: Graduating with honors with a degree in Soil Science from the University of Idaho, Jake found his job analyzing the data of earthworm mating patterns a little less exciting than he had expected.  A lifelong fan of professional wrestling, Jake began to train with mentor Terry "Waffle" House on his free weekends, and found that he enjoyed pounding the pavement when he began to work local shows in his home state as well as Utah and Wyoming.  This of course led to the ultimate decision to quit his career, which of course led to the smart decision of his high school sweetheart/fiance to leave him for a local potato mogul.  However, Jake did not recall that he has also beeen a lifelong fan of not getting hurt.  Too late.

While promotors have hired him simply to fill a role of a jobber, Jake wants to prove that he is more than just a guy who is fighting to make someone else look really good.  Will he accomplish this goal?  Probably not.
In his venue: Lime-green swimming trunks, orange floaties used as elbow pads and knee pads, swimming goggles.

Outside his venue: Black wrestling trunks with the outline of the state of Idaho on the butt, white boots, white elbow pads, white headband.


Mounted Sleeper Hold
Monkey Flip
Old-style Elbow Drop (with hand on ear)
Arm Lock, Half-nelson, other simple and ineffective submission holds
Lady of the Lake

"Idaho Roll" - Gedo Clutch
"Mashed Potato" - Chikara Special

NAME: Jake
AGE: 33
CONTACT DETAILS: Twitter, Skype, Board DMs, Facebook.  Get at me for any of those.