The Jesus Freak Carlos Cruz
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NAME: Carlos Cruz
D.O.B.: 7/23/1989
HEIGHT: 5'7"
WEIGHT: 177 lbs.
TWITTER @: TheJFCarlosCruz
NICKNAME(S): Mr. Vitamin C, El Quita Suenos, El Proximo Superman, PRW's Guardian Angel, The Jaw Dropper, PRW's Twitter Fanatic, The Light Bearer, God's Right Hand, Holy Justice, The Descended Saint, The Thirteenth Apostle, The 21st Century Gideon, God's Gift to Wrestling

FIGHT VENUE: Carlos has wrestling/MMA gym, The Jesus Freak Camp in the Bronx, NY. Three floors with state of the art appliances and workout machines. An octagon on the second floor, and a ring on the third floor. The third floor is similar to TNA/GFW.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: An honorable face who tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. At times too forgiving. Tends to shy away from weapons, but when push comes to shove run away when Carlos has a weapon in his hands. The Jesus Freak Camp is like his second home. He'll do everything in his power to make sure no harm came to it.

FIGHTING STYLE: Carlos enjoys lucha libre and unorthodox wrestling. He trains his entire body, but at times mainly focuses on his legs. CC has been working on his stamina and speed for awhile, including his athletic ability.
SPECIALIZATION(S): Striking, luchador, technical, endurance, speed.
STRENGTHS: Kicks, wrestling IQ, jaw dropping high flier, stamina
WEAKNESSES: Power game
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: A Christian wrestler
BIOGRAPHY: Carlos is a PK, meaning he's the son of preachers. CC is the older brother of four boys. He was bullied a lot for his size. He got into wrestling in his early twenties watching WWE, TNA, ROH, AAA, CMLL, and much more. Before a match, Carlos always prays and reads the Bible. Besides wrestling, Carlito loves to write books and prays to see them be turned into movies and TV shows. He's mostly known for being a class clown, but when the time comes when he has to be serious he'll turn off his joker side. CC has a cocky attitude but tends to back it up. He's crazy in love with Twitter. Carlos NEVER: drinks alcohol, smokes, does drugs, cruses, degrades women.
1. Has his own talk show: Over the Top
2. Formed the rookie group, The Renegades-
3. IoW's MVP of the Week
4. "The JesusFreak Vents" - Carlos Jr.
5. "The Assault" - Carlos Jr.
6. Superbattle:
7. Won it Takes Two-Tag Team Tournament with Verudgo. Together they were known as Holy Hell.


x1 (September 3rd, 2014 -October 21st, 2014 (48 Days)

NGW World Champion

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Same as pic base. Minus tattoos!


1. Divine Super Kick

2. The Ultimate Sacrifice (Springboard Cutter)-Used to step up for The Celestial Dive or The Solemn Truth.

3. Amen (Scissors Kick)

1. The Celestial Dive (Five Star Frog Splash)

2. The Solemn Truth (Ghetto/Double Foot Stomp from the top rope)

3. East Coast Pop (West Coast Pop)

NAME: Carlos Ramón Advincola Jr.
AGE: 28
CONTACT DETAILS: Board DMs and OOC Twitter: @CJTheBestSeller