Solomon Shea
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NAME: Solomon Shea

D.O.B.: May 26th, 1987
HEIGHT: 6’ 5”

WEIGHT: 280 Lbs


NICKNAME(S): ‘The Head Sister’, ‘Daddy Bear’,
ENTRANCE MUSIC: ’22 going on 23’ - Butthole Surfers

BIRTHPLACE: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

FIGHT VENUE: Solomon fights from his ’Picture House’ in Newark, New Jersey - an old, converted warehouse that was once operational as a rope working yard during the First World War. Given his obsession with filming and making feature length biopics of his opponents’ downfall, every fight will feature a custom-built set, constructed and pieced together haphazardly by The Sorority. Each set acts as a shrine to the opponent, with details varying (see roleplays for specifics). One constant within the ‘Picture House’ are the girls who lurk in the shadows. Serena and Silvana are never far away and both are quick to intervene, making the most of their ‘cameo’ appearances in each biopic.

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Solomon is a dirty, win-at-all-costs competitor. His reckless abandon for life in general seeps into his fighting style, so much so that he’d likely kill a man if given the opportunity. He’s overbearing on the sadism level, too. Pain - especially inflicting it - arouses his senses and provides him with an almost orgasmic gratification. He’ll use his environment to his advantage and nothing is off limits. The items littering his ‘Picture House’ are only material possessions and have little value to him beyond the purpose they serve. To that end, he’ll think nothing of destroying the set during his battles. After all, that’s what he constructed them for. :

FIGHTING STYLE: Brawler, Street Fighter, Hardcore Wrestler.

SPECIALIZATION(S): Sadism, Endurance, Strength.
STRENGTHS: Forceful striker, resourceful fighter, high tolerance for pain, Serena & Silvana

WEAKNESSES: Not particularly quick, disdain for heights, not technically gifted

PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Solomon Shea is the leader of The Sorority; a bizarre, disturbed trio of misfits who live by the two opposing ideologies. Solomon leads the other two (Serena and Silvana) with his warped, chaotic, nihilistic view of life, while the girls view Shea as a deity to them. They worship him like their God, living - and eventually dying - by his every word. Solomon is an eccentric individual to say the least, with a fetish for dressing as a female and a lust for filming the lives - and grizzly demise - of his foes. He treats every fight as an opportunity to show his opponent how meaningless their life has been by making them the star of their own biopic, with the end goal being to capture the very moment their spirits break and bend to his will. He’s a manipulative soul; a sexually charged predator; a lover of creative pain and a being who finds solace in the notion that life and death go hand in hand in their pointlessness.

BIOGRAPHY: Solomon is the embodiment of anti-establishment. He doesn’t conform to society’s rules or practices and gets a thrill from unsettling the people he encounters with his unusual behaviour. Like most individuals born under the Gemini star-sign, there are many sides to Solomon; two of which really dominate his character. On one hand, there’s a playful, flirtatious and oftentimes frivolous side to him; a side that many would argue is his “default” persona. Then on the other hand, once he’s riled up or angered, there’s a cold, merciless, hostile side to him; a side that emerges when he’s out for blood.

Regardless of which side of Solomon you see, some traits remain throughout. He’s always menacing, he’s always calculated and he’s always got an agenda; one that more often than not is to hurt you. There’s an intelligence surging through this man, one that allows him to deliver eloquent monologues and create an element of control or belief of his words. As a result of this, he’s followed and worshipped by Serena and Silvana, the other two thirds of ‘The Sorority’, a trio of misfits out for themselves.

Solomon enjoys cross-dressing and openly flaunts this passion without fear of ridicule or judgement from others, simply because the opinion of those within society is an irrelevant opinion.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: None to-date. Has previously appeared in IWA and 4CW.

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Solomon wears his hair in bunches/pig-tails, sports a masculine lumberjack beard, dresses in a variety of feminine garments (from cocktail dresses to anime cosplay outfits outside of combat, with pink and red female spandex and lycra wrestling suits, with cheerleader skirts during combat), standard black wrestling boots that support the ankles and calves. Occasionally, if he’s angered or in a sullen state, he’ll dress like a man, with plain black t-shirts and jeans, with his hair down, covering his face.


1. Biting floored opponent (forehead, digits, face - anything while applying a headlock to fool the referee)
2. Mounted Punches with repeated head slams into ground
3. Double Foot Stomp (on hands, arms, knees, stomach, chest)
4. Sit-Out Powerbomb w/ Pin
5. Knee Drop to Skull

‘The Initiation’ - Cradle Piledriver
‘Brainwashed’ - Repeated Elbows to Skull until Unconscious or Submits (Reserved for Feud Matches)


NAME: Serena
PICTURE BASE: Bambu Jessica


INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: Will always involve herself in Solomon’s matches. She worships him and will literally die for him. Serena tends to use her innocent charm and smouldering sex appeal (she balances the two beautifully) to distract his opponents.

NAME: Silvana
PICTURE BASE: Shelly D’Inferno
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: Will always involve herself in Solomon’s matches. She worships him and will literally die for him. Silvana is ultra aggressive in her approach, delivering a frenzied, furious, all-out assault to anyone who tries to hurt him.


NAME: Dave
AGE: 30
CONTACT DETAILS: Board DM’s are fine