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Cross Recoba
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NAME:  Cross Recoba
D.O.B.: 07-22-94
HEIGHT: 5'10
TWITTER @: @CrossRecoba
NICKNAME(S): The Fox, The Man Worth A Thousand Bullets
PICTURE BASE: Chad Michael Murray
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Turn to Stone - Joe Walsh
RESIDES: Las Vegas, NV
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
If we’re being completely honest, The Cosmopolitan itself is basically one giant nightclub. Trust us on this. So when they decided to get into the nightclub business and open Marquee, we knew that it was going to be nothing short of spectacular. The “main” club (yea, we have to clarify because this place is so frickin’ huge) comes packed with everything you’d want from a club: rad tunes, dance space and enough booze to satisfy a sailor. But like we said earlier, this place isn’t just one club. There’s the “Boombox,” a more private and intimate space. And there’s also the “Library,” and yes this is cooler than the one from your school days. It’s a warmer space inside the club that is the perfect place to recover after cuttin’ a rug in the main club. Just remember to keep your maps app handy in case you ever get lost.


FIGHTING STYLE: Japanese Junior / American Indy
SPECIALIZATION(S): Technical / Agility
- Cross has been raised to be extremely streetwise, this was a lesson taught from his grandfather, his father and uncles, through to his godfather and family friends. Therefore he is wary of anything offered to him that seems too good to be true.

- Thanks to his background in playing football at high school Cross has become very agile. A great though not outstanding wide receiver he learnt to never be caught off-balance and thus he has an excellent countering system.

- Cross knows the right way in which to intimidate people, he is subtle and polite however this has stead him well in times of pressure and looks to try and get under people’s skin.

- Throughout his tender years he has learnt the art of picking his battles and delegation. If he feels that someone is not playing on a level playing-field he calls in his associate, Aspanu Guilano, who normally evens out the odds a little.

- Cross’ methods of retribution are…methodical to state it politely. A master of such retribution his ring style reflects a methodical dismantlement of his opponent however this may give way to brutality at times depending upon his feelings towards his opponent.
- Cross isn’t the largest man in the world and sometimes forgets this.

- Cross also has a God complex in residence at times, this has meant that in conjunction with his mouth he has managed to get into situations beyond his control.

- Cross’ strong family ties work for and against him, his sister is an easy way to get into his head and his wariness of this weakness has meant that he sometimes displays paranoid fantasies about danger for her even when none is around.

- Cross’ temper isn’t stereotypically Sicilian but the capacity for it to turn like that is there if the other person knows how to enrage him. Once this happens it is not always clear in his head what to do in order to solve the problem at hand in a rational manner.

PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Cross feels like he operates above the law, what he can’t buy gets to meet his ‘minder’. His mind has been trained to look at the world as a series of negotiations and he approaches each fight as if it were an acquisition. Despite not being brought up like the only child he has appropriated an egocentric view of the world in which he may serve as part of an organisation but the ultimate means and end of an operation are worked out around how to best serve his own needs

He has a tendency to display extreme narcissistic tendencies outside the ring, teased by his peers for his subconscious habit of looking in every reflective surface this has lead some to believe it is pure vanity on his part. This is only a half-truth. Whilst a certain vanity exists it also has stemmed through the curiosity raised by others for being a fair headed Sicilian American. Called ‘Hagen’ by elder kids at school, as well as accusations of being adopted, he has developed a certain distrust to his own looks. Looking more ‘Americanised’ than his siblings and other relatives it has shut as many doors as it has opened them.

BIOGRAPHY: The Recoba’s came across from Sicily in the seventies. With the Chicago Outfit breathing it’s last breath and Momo Giancama too Hollywood and too public to be calling the shots the hit was out. He fled to Mexico, Paul Ricca called upon his old village to provide the soldatos for their next move and with this came Pippi Recoba. A skilled wheel-man he brought with him a wife and a baby boy, Turi. His wife, Sophia, was left to raise Turi as Pippi found his way within the Chicago family. Rising up to head his own regime he was shipped off to New York to the "Dapper Don" John Gotti and worked for his number two, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano.

Santino barely knew his father because at the age of three he watched his father leave the house for the last time. Setting off to meet associates at a nearby diner he never made the meeting and theories around his disappearance hinge on whether or not he fled an unknown danger or he knew his fate before starting the engine.

Santino attended a state elementary school and was a generally happy-go-lucky child. The apple of his family’s eye he looked forward to visits from his Uncle Bruno, his missing father’s brother. Bruno would indulge the child in all his worst habits - junk food, music and, even at his tender age, an appreciation of the female form.

At Junior High Aspanu Guilano came into the life of Cross. A fellow son of an immigrant family they bonded over their disparate roots and lack of acceptance from the large majority of students. His seemingly ‘All-American’ appearance could not detract from his distinctive name and so would often be met with slurs about the Mafia and nicknamed the ‘Albino Guinea’ by his peers. Aspanu saved Cross from a sure beating at the hands of a student who took exception to Cross' possession of a face with an intent to use it. With this came a friendship that has lasted to this day.

A varsity wide-receiver at high school, off the field he was an above average student, displaying a great aptitude towards figures and business and was seen by his teachers as a good all-round prospect. A high-school injury quickly put any dreams of a football scholarship to rest.Without an outlet with which to forget about his troubles Cross floundered for a while and messed up his SAT exams which put paid to dreams of an Ivy League college.

He was sent to Las Vegas to join up with Alberto Costello, who had been friends with Cross’ family back to the times in Sicily. Having come to America in the fifties as a teenager he had established a wide reach of power that swept from California to Nevada, the once neutral state having been awarded to Costello in the late eighties after the whole mess with Gotti. At first, he simply worked at the hotel and in the casino. He was fast-tracked from dealer to the floor manager within eight months and although this caused unrest upon his work colleagues he managed to always make money for Costello, at times underpaying himself in order to look better, and thus the promotion seemed legitimate. At the age of nineteen, he was making the money a college graduate would make within in their first five years of working and life seemed good. It was at the juncture that Costello started to ask Cross to supervise ‘ancillary’ jobs, as he put it.

Now listed as VP of Operations and Communications at The Sands Hotel he has combined his employment with stints wrestling in promotions around America. Those with a keen eye will recognize him appear frequently with high-profile visitors to the hotel. Rumors of what his title actually means have led several people to believe that all is not above board at the Las Vegas hotel. [/SPOILER]

- (In-ring) Crucifix necklace, black tights, taped knuckles
- (Out of Ring) Tailored Suits, shirts, tie, Chelsea boots
- Cross has an almost ‘shag’ haircut, looking like a throwback to a well-kept sixties beatnik. His hair often tousled into his face and framing his well defined cheekbones and thus giving him an angelic look. His hair hides a small scar in his hairline from a beating as a teenager. His nose is unusually aquiline for an Italian-American , he has a semi-muscular build that was caused through his time spent playing high school football. Still only twenty-one he has still got an unusually smooth skinned face.


1. A Million Lira (Over the top rope dropkick (Jumps over the top rope to the outside for a dropkick))
2. The Skim (Osaka Street Stunner)
3. Staten Island Drop (Lifting sitout DDT to the apron)
4. Ranhei (["]
5. An Offer You Can't Refuse (Crossface w/ Body Scissors)

1. The Sicilian Typewriter (Straight Jacket Shiranui )
2. Garibaldi's Guillotine (Standing Boston Crab) - NOTE: CURRENTLY NO-ONE HAS BROKEN OUT OF IT

NAME: Bailey
AGE: 32
CONTACT DETAILS: Twitter or Board DMs