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NAME: 13013
D.O.B.: 10/13/89
HEIGHT: (in feet) 6'
WEIGHT: (in lbs) 190 lbs
TWITTER @: (If Applicable) @Zo13013
NICKNAME(S): (If Applicable)
PICTURE BASE: (If a specific image, aim for high resolution images, no cartoons please)Robert LaSardo
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Blackout" by Dead Empires
BIRTHPLACE: Detroit, Michigan
FIGHT VENUE: Your fighter’s home base – this is where fights will be held when the fight comes to you. It can be anywhere, but try to be realistic. The more nuance and thought put into this will lead to a more nuanced and detailed match. Is there room for crowds? Are crowds allowed if there is room, or does your fighter prefer privacy (with the exception of cleverly placed cameras, of course! Think of those fighting video games in which the environment is specific to a fighter – Guile’s Air Force Base, Zangief’s Back Alley, Liu Kang’s Shaolin Temple – These environments lend themselves to articulating the character, to an extent.  For purposes of the league, the venue is called the Prison Yard.  It's a repurposed warehouse that serves now in the capacity of a gathering place for various events.  When used for F2W, there are weapons strewn throughout the floor area.  The weapons are what you could find in a warehouse, eg, pallets, 50 gallon drums, pry bars, chains, ropes.  People that attend the fights at the Prison Yard will be restricted to temporary walkways that are put up in the venue, above the action, to allow the fighters more room to fight.  At one end of the floor area is a stage for when the venue is used for concerts and raves.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Is your fighter Honorable or Dishonorable? Noble or Ignoble. At your fighter’s venue, is this person likely to avoid the use of weapons, or encourage them? Is your fighter willing to see their venue get destroyed, or are they more likely to avoid it. (A fine example of the latter is in the film Ip Man, when Master Ip and the Northerner fight in Ip’s house, and Ip's wife insists on nothing being broken, and yet the Northerner continues to break things, accidentally, and insists the fight continue so long as he pays for the damages:
  While the fight is going on, 13013 is more than dishonorable.  He doesn't own the venue, and he knows that it's been insured, so it doesn't bother him if it gets destroyed.  From bell to bell, he has a blood lust and will do whatever is needed to satiate it.  After the match ends, 13013 will be the first person to make sure that the opponent is OK.
FIGHTING STYLE: ex. Wrestler; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Boxer; Judo, etc.  Brawler, plain and simple.
SPECIALIZATION(S): ex. Striking; Luchadore; Technical; Power; Endurance; Speed, etc. Striking and weapon use.
STRENGTHS: Once the bell rings, will fight to the death.  Not afraid to use weapons. 
WEAKNESSES:  About average strength and below average speed.  Not agile at all.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Once the fight starts, 13013 is a psychopath.  When the fight is over, is a 6', 190 lb Teddy Bear
BIOGRAPHY: If life was fair, Robert Lorenzo would have grown up in a loving family, filled with laughter and rainbows.  Life isn't fair.  For Robert, he would be moved from foster home to foster home as a youth.  By the time he was 15, Lorenzo had been beaten, molested, abandoned, and arrested.  He lived a hard life where it was his fists that kept him alive.  Being given the tag of 13013 (pronounced BOB), he would finally have the event that would start turning his life around, when he was sent to Jackson Prison at 17 years old for armed robbery.  While there, he would get the help and guidance that would take him further in life than anything.  It was also here that he started to amass the tattoos that cover nearly the entirety of his body.  The prison chaplain would take Lorenzo under his wing, and even though he couldn't instill the faith of the lord into him, taught him to be a moral person.

It was also while in prison that he met the woman who would eventually become his wife, Isabella Diaz.  They met through a prison pen pal program. 

At 25, 13013 was finally released from prison, and was lucky enough to find a second chance, landing a job as a bouncer at an underground music venue run by ex-cons called The Prison Yard, marrying Isabella, and having a daughter, Sarafina.

For the next three years, 13013 watched as the Prison Yard grew to being more than just a hot concert venue for underground punk and metal acts, but also as it started to house legal amateur cage fighting.  On a night where 13013 was at the venue to just watch some fights, a fighter decided to no show, and the promoter of the card, the owner of the Prison Yard, asked 13013 to step in.  After just over 2 rounds, and 11 minutes of what could be called a brutal display of MMA, 13013 stood over his opponent, himself having a broken eye socket and heavily bloodied, with his hand held up in victory.  After that fight, 13013 looked for more opportunities to fight.  That is what brought him to Fight 2 Win.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (Past titles, glories, and notable career moments, if any.)1-0 Amateur MMA Record (1 KO).  Served 8 years of a 15 year prison term for Armed Robbery.
Bald, goatee, upper body covered in tattoos, often mistaken for Latino.  When fighting, will wear a pair of jeans and military style boots.  When not fighting, will usually wear a workshirt with the logo for The Prison Yard on the back, and a 13013 name patch on the front.


SIGNATURE MOVES: (No More Than 5)Punch, kick, knees, elbows, headbutt
FINISHER(S): (No More Than 2)
15 to Life (DDT)


NAME: Isabella "Bella" Lorenzo
PICTURE BASE: Shaul Guerrero
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES:  Cares deeply for her husband, and just like him, is a gentle soul.  She only accompanies him to fights at the Prison Yard due to raising a young daughter.
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES:Per the request of her husband, Bella doesn't interfere in matches, and will only attack another fighter if she has to defend herself.  The only other involvement that she will have is if he is taking too much of a beating and looks to be severely injured, she will throw in the towel.

NAME: John
AGE: 37
CONTACT DETAILS: (ex. Skype, Twitter DMs, Board DMs)Board DMs preferably.