Adam Wolfe
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NAME: Adam Wolfe
D.O.B.: 15/01/1984
WEIGHT: 220lbs
TWITTER @: TheAdamWolfe
NICKNAME(S): The Puppet Master
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Master of Puppets by Metallica
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Canada
FIGHT VENUE: The Puppet Pals Play Pen
Shaped like something out of a comic book, The Puppet Pals Play Pen is dedicated to any person who has ever appeared on the 4Ps. This includes Cartwright, Bobby Franchise, Benny Stevens and Mikael. Each member has a wing named after them. There is a large statue of The Franchinger in the main hall.

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Adam Wolfe generally tries to be nice to everyone as he just wants to be friends.
 The problem is he doesn't know the line between jokes and insults. Wolfe is not the most worried about damage to his building as long as no one harms any of the puppet members.

FIGHTING STYLE: Unorthodox (Throws himself at his opponents all willy nilly)
SPECIALIZATION(S): Striking using various body parts. Throwing himself off of things at opponents. Resilience.
STRENGTHS: Being able to strike well with any body part. Being able to take a beating because of the former. Generally confusing opponents.
WEAKNESSES: Easily distracted. Equally as confused as he makes his opponents. Not afraid to cry if a puppet is hurt.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Wolfe is puppet lover to the extent he makes one of each of his opponents. Wolfe just wants to be friends but his mouth tends to get him into trouble. Wolfe believes the puppets are actually alive.
BIOGRAPHY: Wolfe was born to a single mother in the Great White North. When his mother passed away, his father found his way into his life with his half brother Austin Gale. Having wrestled all around the world and overcoming his demons (both inner and outer), Wolfe was finally able to get married. Now he has decided to throw his hat back into the ring.
1x BFW Carnage Champion
1x PAW Tag Champion
2x WoD! Provisional Champion
1x Underground Tag Champion
1x Showtime Intercontinental Champion
1x Inter Promotional Tag Champion
1x CFWA Cobalt Champion
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Long black tights with a bright blue stripe down the side. A black tank top with an unzipped blue hoodie on top.


SIGNATURE MOVES: Sock Puppet (Bootless Big Boot)
Franchinger (Eye Poke With Finger Puppet)
Puppet Plunge (Diving Double Foot Stomp)
FINISHER(S): Howler (Spear)


NAME: Austin Gale
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: Arrogant womanizer. Not afraid to cheat to help Wolfe win, much to Wolfe's dismay. Overly rich (which he is not afraid to tell you).
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: Generally shows up out of the blue. Will try to interfere in ways that Wolfe can't avoid. Otherwise, Wolfe will refuse the help.

NAME: Adam
AGE: 23
CONTACT DETAILS: Skype or Twitter works best.