Angelica Vaughn
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NAME: Angelica Vaughn
D.O.B.: 30/03/1999
HEIGHT: (in feet) 5’10
WEIGHT: (in lbs) 135
TWITTER @: (If Applicable) @Angie_VaughnBMR
NICKNAME(S): (If Applicable)
PICTURE BASE: Elle Fanning
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Vaughnemous Domination [Bobby Roode’s Glorious Domination, but re-recorded with ‘Vaughnemous’ instead of Glorious]
BIRTHPLACE: Vancouver, BC, Canada
FIGHT VENUE: Cincinatti Hit Girls Stadium (more info/pics soon) – Football Stadium of the Cincinatti Hit Girls (lingerie football league), where Angelica is the kicker AND cornerback. About the size of a hockey/basketball arena, but with everything a football pitch needs, including goalposts.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Angelica fights clean. She will rarely if ever break the rules herself, even when times are desperate. She avoids the use of weapons if at all possible, even if the rules allow it.

FIGHTING STYLE: ex. Wrestler; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Boxer; Judo, etc.
SPECIALIZATION(S): ex. Striking; Luchadore; Technical; Power; Endurance; Speed, etc.
STRENGTHS: Kicking power, grip strength
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Angelica is, for all intents and purposes, a good girl. She’s not naturally mean-spirited, and she tries to befriend anyone, even if that sometimes leads to conflicts of interest. She’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and this often gets her in trouble, as  she doesn’t realize she often says or does dumb things that cause her to end up in sticky situations. She can antagonize people like this, or endear herself to them. However, she may goof around, but takes her wrestling very seriously. She is a workhorse through and through.
BIOGRAPHY: Angelica was born in Vancouver, Canada, as the only child of very strict Catholic parents. Raised extremely religiously, Angelica had little in the way of friends or fun.
At age 17, she came across a wrestling company in her hometown, and was intrigued. She snuck in without her parents’ consent and immediately fell in love with the sport. However, her parents weren’t too happy with her decision to become a wrestler herself, and cast her out, declaring her a follower of Satan.
Heartbroken, but determined not to give up on her dream, Angelica signed up with a new wrestling company, XHW. There, she met Ashley Williams, who eventually took her in and trained her. It’s also there that she met other people who would become her associates: Michael Kelly and Wulf Erikson.
Despite the company bombing, Angelica has tried to make a name for herself in the business. It hasn’t been easy, coming from nothing and having to learn at a very fast rate, with many other companies closing on her (Monkey Business, Lioness Pro, UKWF). She is also a member of the #CoolKids, alongside Sarah Lacklan, Kenzi Grey, Milisandre Crowthorne, Roxy Cotton and Sativa.
Now competing at ACM, RCW, XWA and UGWC, she hopes F2W will provide her a platform to showcase her abilities.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: XHW Medal of Honor, ACM Champion
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Elle Fanning in the Neon Demon


Rear Naked Choke (legs wrapped)
Arm triangle choke from Mount
Bicycle Kick
Sick Kick
EW! [Mandible Claw]
#VAUGHNEMOUS [Soccer Kick]

NAME: Nils
AGE: 26 (13 years e-fed experience)
CONTACT DETAILS: DM or through Angelica’s twitter