Alfie Tenner
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NAME: Alfie Tenner
D.O.B.: 09/01/1990
TWITTER @: @alfietenner
NICKNAME(S): Alfie the ASBO, Hero of the Estate
PICTURE BASE: Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja of DIe Antwoord
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Tobacco - Streaker
BIRTHPLACE: Hackney, London, England
FIGHT VENUE: A warehouse where the decaying remnants of a certain carnival wrestling promotion are stored. There is a bare ring in the middle but as you explore the outside you can wander among the dead rides and abandoned shacks like the funhouse mirrors, the freak show or the various rigged games. 
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Alfie would like to seem like he is an upstanding member of society but he feels more at home with some chaos and grittiness. The more it gets carried away the more it comes out.

FIGHTING STYLE: Catch Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
STRENGTHS: Skilled in setting up and execution a lot of submissions from anywhere and is very flexible. Makes up for his lack of muscle with leverage and pain.
WEAKNESSES: Not a lot of strength and not all there in the head. Sometimes the visions he gets and voices he hears can affect how he performs in a match.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: On a good day Alfie Tenner is a man of the people. He is regarded as the hero of the estate as in he we willing to help anyone that needed it in the neighborhood in any way possible. Everything isn't well however as he has a secret. If he gets too stressed he can see things in his mind and hears voices telling him to do certain bad things. Fighting seems to calm him but competition is stress.
BIOGRAPHY: Alfie Tenner is the eldest son of a low level Hackney thug but he preferred to be a robin hood type and defy his family. This gained him popularity and praise in his neighborhood but some people saw a different side of him. He has been known to sometimes wander around talking to himself or fighting for fun. These things were because of his growing frequency of visual and auditory hallucinations that caused him to act out. He has only told his sister of these things but unfortunately she is A$hley Quid and takes after their father a lot. She has used him to get what she wants and withholds his medication at her leisure to get him in line. This has led to a lot of problems for him like being labeled an ASBO boy and having served time in jail. He has taken to studying BJJ and wrestling to calm his symptoms but it has just given his sister to have some more specific uses for him.
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE:Alfie Tenner is tall and skinny. He has many jailhouse and homemade tattoos all over his body and unique haircuts. He fights with tight shorts decorated with strips of cloth to look like a gladiator's skirt.


Guillotine Choke
Arm Lock
Tope Suicida
Argentine Leg Lock with foot on head
Octopus hold

Waking Nightmare (Triangle choke with armbar)
Texas Cloverleaf


NAME: A$hley Quid
PICTURE BASE: Yolandi Visser
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: She tries to be manipulative and can be obnoxious and loud or sweet and innocent in order to get what she wants.
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: She will cheat at any and every opportunity whether Alfie likes it or not.

NAME: Zombie
AGE: 31
CONTACT DETAILS: tkozombie on skype or twitter DM