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ROLEPLAY ARCHIVE / Couples Therapy
« on: November 25, 2017, 05:13:21 PM »
Dr. Johnson is one of the most renowned couples therapists in the Greater Toronto Area. Like any other day, his waiting room was full of young couples trying to last just a little bit longer. The silence throughout the room mixed with the multiple fish tanks scattered about gave an almost eerie feeling. Just as it seemed things couldn’t become more calm, the door was flung open by none other than The Franchinger.
“Come on, Wolfie boy. Your appointment is at 1pm and we’re running late."
As The Franchinger inched further into the room, Wolfe was pulled around the corner as if he was being dragged by his own hand.
“Wolfe doesn’t wanna go to couples therapy! Wolfe wants to be at home making more puppets."
“This is exactly why we are here. Now, let’s go. Dr. Johnson is waiting."
You would expect more people to be worried about the man talking to his finger in the middle of a waiting room. Instead, all of the other patients don’t even seem to notice. Wolfe and Franchinger continue to argue as they walk right past the receptionist and into Dr. Johnson’s office. As Franchinger pushes open the door, Dr. Johnson looks up from his watch, clearly waiting on the two to arrive.
“Wolfe. Franchinger. So nice of you to arrive. Take a seat please."
“Wait, where’s Jess? Shouldn’t she be here for couples therapy too?"
“Jess? You two have been divorced for months. This is for us, Wolfie boy. We need to be on the same page if you’re ever going to start winning matches again."
“Us? Wolfe doesn’t want to go to couples therapy with… is that a fish tank?"
“It is. Although it’s not filled with the most impressive fish."
Wolfe races over to the fish tank and presses his face against the glass. Giggling to himself, he turns his hand with The Franchinger to face Dr. Johnson.
“This is part of the problem, Doc. The boy may be one of the most easily distracted people I’ve ever met. And yet some how he manages to make me talk to you. It’s like his mind is in two places at once in the most literal fashion."
“Ou, look at the goldfish. And that goldfish. And that one! Look at all the bubbles, too. Wolfe is in paradise. Wolfe is making puppets of you little guys as soon as he gets home."
“Right. Now, this is the same Wolfe that was once battling with…”
Dr. Johnson glances down at his file on Wolfe before looking back up at The Franchinger.
“...his inner demon Genocide. A slightly angry version of himself that beat people with a hockey stick. Is that correct?"
“The very same, Doc. The lad was even a champion in his glory days. Now it seems he may be too far out to lunch for me to even bring him back."
“For you. The puppet of his creation. Interesting."
Dr. Johnson takes a moment to scribble down some notes. The notes mention Wolfe’s lack of attention span post Genocide as well as the fact that his finger appears to be his boss. Dr. Johnson reaches into his desk, moves aside various objects, and grabs a puppet he uses to help with the kids the more odd parents to their sessions.
“Wolfe, I have a puppet for you. Why don’t you come take a seat and I’ll let you play with it."
Before the words can even leave Dr. Johnson’s mouth, Wolfe has already spun around and was clambering over the seat.
“Puppet? Wolfe wants a puppet! Gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie."
With an entirely blank expression, Dr. Johnson drops the puppet back into the desk drawer. Wolfe slides down into his seat with a pout.
“Now then. Wolfe, who is The Franchinger to you?"
“He’s Wolfe’s bestie. Modelled after the great Bobby Franchise, he’s there to be Wolfe’s wealth of knowledge. Wolfe had to name him Franchinger because of copyright. And cause he fits on Wolfe’s finger. Get it? Franchise? Finger? Franchinger? Get it? Do you get it?"
Continuing his blank stare, Dr. Johnson scribbles ‘slightly irritating’ on the pad of paper.
“Now, without The Franchinger, what do you currently hear?"
“Wolfe hears Franchinger and Wiggles. Franchinger has been saying naughty words for the past few minutes. Wiggles doesn’t like being in the dark. Wiggles is the puppet in your drawer."
“You named my puppet?"
“No! Wiggles told Wolfe his name. That’s kinda like kidnapping, keeping him in there. You should let him out. And pass him to me. Pretty please?"
“When these puppets talk to you, do they remind you of your old friend Genocide?"
“What? Geno wasn’t Wolfe’s friend! The puppets are Wolfe’s friend. All Geno ever did was hurt people. Wolfe just wants friends. And hugs. And puppets. Like Wiggles. That puppet in your drawer. Gimme gimme gimme."
Wolfe hops to his feet and starts to pace while continuing to say ‘gimme’ like a cd stuck on loop. Dr. Johnson scribbles out ‘slightly irritating’ and replaces it with ‘incredibly annoying’. He opens the drawer of his desk which pulls the attention of Wolfe. Wolfe jumps back onto the couch and crosses his legs in hopes of Wiggles being let out.
“Now then, if you consider Franchinger to be such an intelligent being, why do you not take his advice when it comes to fighting? Surely he would know best." 
Wolfe starts to tilt to the side as he tries to see around the desk. Just as he thinks he gets a glimpse of Wiggles, Dr. Johnson slams the desk closed. Wolfe slumps back down in a pout.
“Wolfe’s not sure why he can’t play with Wiggles. He seems like the perfect fit for Wolfe’s hand."
“Because you already have Franchinger. Why don’t you put him on."
Jumping back to life, Wolfe grabs Franchinger and slides him on his finger.
“...and then I’m going to take your mother...oh. Hey, Wolfie boy. Sorry you had to hear that."
“Can you explain the mace and vaseline again? Wolfe didn’t get it."
Wolfe turns his hand so Franchinger is facing Dr. Johnson who swears he saw The Franchinger wink at him. Dr. Johnson rubs his eyes and chalks it up to temporary insanity after listening to Wolfe.
“Listen. Franchinger, while I can’t believe I spent thousands of dollars at school just to talk to a puppet, I believe you are taking too aggressive of an approach with Wolfe. And Wolfe, you need to listen a little more to your partner. Now, I’m in no way a wrestling coach. Nor am I even a fan of the sport. But both of you are unhappy with the current losing streak. Wolfe, I believe Franchinger is correct when he says that you need to be aggressive. If you want to be a champion again, that is the steps you will have to take. Now, I’m going to need you both to leave my office. While it has been a pleasure, I have actual couples to help today."
“He’s right, Wolfie boy. You’re going to be facing Starlight this Melee. I’m don’t know much about her but I believe she is a clown, insert question mark here. We’ll need to be properly insync. Now why don’t we leave and I’ll buy you an ice cream."
“Ice cream? Bye Bye Bye Wiggles! Bye Bye Bye Dr. Wiggles Daddy! Bye Bye Bye fishies!"
Hopping to his feet, Wolfe springs over the couch and dances his way out the door.
“Whoops. Forgot my wallet in my other suit. Looks like ice cream is on you again, Wolfie boy."
Dr. Johnson stares in awe at the strangest duo he’s had to give ‘therapy’ to. He removes his glasses and rubs his eyes. Placing the glasses back on, he writes ‘Franchinger = Genocide?’ on the paper. What a day this has been.

Fade to black.

ROLEPLAY ARCHIVE / Coffee = Victory!
« on: October 18, 2017, 01:41:31 PM »
Hot yoga. The sweatiest of yogas. The room was a muggy 33 Celsius. The sound of birds chirping and wind blowing through the trees could be heard setting a very calm feeling to the room. Many people spread throughout the room, laying on their mats as they transitioned between poses. At the back of the class, Wolfe layed with his are outstretched. On the tip of his finger was The Franchinger, laying on his own mini mat. Wolfe’s hand stretched and contorted as if The Franchinger were doing stretches of his own.
“This is the dream, Wolfie. Relaxation mixed with the best workout a body and mind could need. Not to mention all of the pretty women showing off their bodies.”
Wolfe seemed to be paying no attention. Lost in the world of fantasy reading his favourite book, Where The Wild Things Are, he was as happy as could be. He didn’t even seem to notice the women around him staring regarding the comments he made on behalf of The Franchinger.
“I’m serious, Wolfie. You need to open your eyes more. If you don’t start recognizing the sexy figures around you, you will be single forever.”
“Wolfe isn’t single. Wolfe still has Jessica.”
“She left you months ago, Wolfie. When are you finally going to come to terms with that and move on?”
The instructor pauses the music as many of the participants had become distracted by Wolfe’s comments. Strutting her way to the back of the class, she squats down next to Wolfe.
”Sir, your comments are offending many of the other participants. I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”
“But Wolfe has barely said a word! The Franchinger has been the one speaking?”
The woman’s head cocks to the side, clearly annoyed by Wolfe’s insane statements. She glances at the finger puppet before looking back at the man before her.
”Well then I’m going to have to ask you both to leave. Pack up your mats and go.”
Hanging his head in shame, Wolfe packs up he and The Franchinger’s yoga mats. Walking out of the studio the murmuring of the women can be heard behind him as the door closes. After walking a few blocks, The Franchinger turns towards Wolfe.
“Don’t pout so much, Wolfie. We need to focus on your next fight, anyway. There’s no time for relaxation. That Alfie Tenner is one seriously deranged fellow.”
“Wolfe doesn’t care about his match. Wolfe is sad because he forgot his book back at yoga. That was Wolfe’s favourite book! Dr. Seuss was a literary genius.”
“Dr. Seus? That book was written by Maurice Sendak.”
“Wait, do you mean that book wasn’t Green Eggs and Ham? Well then why are we pouting?”
In an instant, Wolfe’s face turns from a frown to an ear to ear grin. He starts to skip down the sidewalk as The Franchinger still wants to get back to the point at hand.
“Pay attention, Wolfie. You’re squaring off with Alfie this week. Arguably the only person in this business who has more voices rolling around in that noggin than you do. The difference is he channels it into violence while you channel it into talking to, well, me. Do you understand what I’m saying, Wolfie? It means you need to focus for once. Dip back into that dark place you have in the past.”
“You mean Wolfe’s extra strong hugs? You think Alfie will accept a puppet instead of a fight? Maybe Wolfe should think of a friendly nickname for him. Like Elfie Tender. Hold Wolfe closer, Elfie Teeender.”
Wolfe knew what The Franchinger meant. He wanted him to switch to his darker self. Going back to the man he called Genocide was something he could never do again. He refused. That side of him would never see the light of day.
“I see what you were going for there but you didn’t even pick the right song. That’s also not the point. The point is he may be unpredictable. Maybe more unpredictable than you. Are you up for that challenge?”
Still skipping and swinging his head side to side, Wolfe clearly isn’t paying attention.

“See the headlights on the hiiiighwaaaaay.”
“Whaaaaaaaaat? Wolfe has the home field advantage. The Puppet Pals Play Pen has been officially built. The Cartwright’s may be the shiniest Wolfe has ever seen. Wolfe even had a ring installed to make this a little easier. Wolfe has way more experience in a ring than Elfie. Not that it matters when Wolfe gives Elfie his own puppet and sings him the song he wrote. Hold Wolfe closer, Elfie Teeeeender.”
The Franchinger hangs his head in shame. You think he would have learned by now that there is no reasoning with Wolfe. Setting a gameplay usually failed as well since Wolfe rarely even knew what he was doing before he did it. Perhaps fighting in a stadium straight out of Wolfe’s mind would be enough to secure a victory. Maybe he should trick Wolfe into becoming more erratic. Wolfe skipped along happily even though The Franchinger’s thoughts were just his own.
“Hey Wolfie. What’s the best coffee shop in all of Canada?”
“Tim Horton’s, duh. Even the other puppets agree they make the best coffee and donuts. The double chocolate. The chocolate dipped. Now Wolfe’s craving donuts.”
Speeding his skip into a sprint, Wolfe takes off for the nearest Tim Horton’s. Luckily for him there is one on just about every block in Toronto. Wolfe rushes through the door, shoulder checking every other customer out of way to get to the front of the line.
“Wolfe will have a double double and a double chocolate donut, please.”
“Make that ten double doubles for the boy, here.”
The cashier glances at The Franchinger before looking at Wolfe who is eagerly bouncing from foot to foot. Not surprised in the slightest by the man child with a puppet, she punches in the order. Surely this would be enough to have Wolfe spastic for his match. Or it will kill him.
“Whatever happens, happens.”
“What was that.?
“Nothing, Wolfie.”

Fade to black.

ROLEPLAY ARCHIVE / Grocery Shopping
« on: September 22, 2017, 04:15:44 PM »
An old, red, GMC Envoy pulled into the local No Frills. Happily talking away to The Franchinger, the finger puppet named after the great Bobby Franchise, Wolfe didn’t seem to mind he drove the oldest vehicle in his city. No matter how much money he made in his illustrious career, Wolfe didn’t want to trade in the things that made him feel like home. As the conversation seems to become heated, the door swings open. Setting The Franchinger down on the passenger seat, Wolfe steps out of the car.
“Wolfe is just saying, the Puppet Pals Play Pen would have been much better than an undies football stadium. So icky."
Slamming the door behind him, Wolfe walks around to the passenger side. Wolfe was upset that he couldn’t wrestle in his own stadium and instead had to wrestle at Angelica Vaughan’s place of choice. Swinging the passenger door open, Wolfe grabs his dear friend out of the seat.
“And how cool would it be to see Wolfe jump off The Franchinger statue he is making in your honour? That would surely score the pin!"
Wolfe slides The Franchinger on his right index finger.
“Maybe you should have had your stadium built on time, then? Also, I’m pretty sure there are no pinfalls. It’s a fight to the death, or something. Don’t you do any research before doing or saying anything?"
“Wolfe doesn’t have time for research! It’s so boring!"
Wolfe turns and winks at the camera before walking towards his local, run down grocery store.
“Wolfe wants everything to be perfect! A library in the name of the wisest man Wolfe knows, Bobby Franchise. A dress store in the name of the fashionable Benny Stevens. A zoo because Mikael and friends loved animals. A washroom named after the skulled one. And last but not least, a 30 foot, gold statue of you, Franchinger!"
“You are aware none of these things shoulder ever be placed under the same roof, right?"[/color]
“They should because they represent all of Wolfe’s closest friends!"
“Shouldn’t the focus of your stadium, that you’re building from scratch I might add, be to make beating your opponents easier? I’m not even sure that you can beat your opponent this month. She is a football player, after all."
Wolfe grabs a shopping cart from the storage. Placing a quarter in the lock, because the high schoolers steal them for fun, it releases. Wolfe places The Franchinger in the child seat, which of course prevents him from speaking because he’s just a puppet, and buckles him in place. Safety first for his closest friend. Wolfe enters the grocery store where everyone stops to stare at the puppet in the child seat. Wolfe doesn’t seem to notice as he carries on his merry way.
“Wolfe wants his stadium to be a memento! And why do all the women of wrestling need to run around in their underwear, anyway? Wolfe gets that Angelica does it for a sport but can’t she doing something less weird? Who wants to see a bunch of women running around in undies, anyway?"
Wolfe stares at The Franchinger as he continues through the store.
“What? What do you mean most men would and that Wolfe is the weird one? You say some strange things."
Wolfe stops in the refrigerated aisle. He stares at the selection for a moment before grabbing a brick of old cheddar and tossing it in the cart.
“Planning time! Wolfe needs a strategy to beat Angelica Vaughan."
People watch in bewilderment as Wolfe walks around collecting groceries and nodding towards an inanimate puppet. Would people find it less strange if the puppet were actually on his finger? Probably not. But Wolfe didn’t seem to mind as he kept collecting,
“Wait. Are you telling Wolfe after all that talking that you have never seen her fight, wrestle or even play with the other girls in their undies? You’re supposed to be Wolfe’s master strategist!"
Finally grabbing a bag of dog food, Wolfe makes his way to the cashier.
“Well, Wolfe’s specialty is unpredictability so this match is the blind versus the blind. Maybe Wolfe should blindfold himself to make things interesting. He can blindfold Angelica, too! Her special undies won’t have any affect on him then."
Wolfe looks up from the cart and notices everyone else in line looks disgusted. Wolfe is unsure why as he places all his groceries on the counter.
“If you’re done talking to your doll, I can ring you out."
“Franchinger is not a doll! He is Wolfe’s bestest friend."
“Sure he is."
Printing out the receipt, the cashier scribbles her number on the back.
“If your friend Angelica isn’t into the blindfolds, ring me up, Wolfey dear."
As the cashier winks at Wolfe, he takes his bags and places them in the cart. Walking out of the grocery store, Wolfe had never been more confused. Tossing the groceries in the car, Wolfe puts the cart back in the storage. Wolfe slips The Franchinger back on his finger.
“What did that lady mean? Why would she want Wolfe to beat her up after fighting Angelica?"
“Good ol’ naive Wolfe. Can’t even see what is right in front of you."
Wolfe opens up the passenger door and places The Franchinger inside. Walking around the car, Wolfe climbs into the driver’s seat. Grabbing The Franchinger, Wolfe places him back on his finger.
“But that is a good idea, Wolfey. Use your unpredictability to put the wench down and secure your first win. How hard could that be?"
“Wolfe thinks it’s going to be hard but he’s always optimistic! On to F2W!"
“One question, why did you buy dog food? You don’t own a dog."
“Because it’s steak flavoured! Duh. Let’s go take a look at the Puppet Pals Play Pen. Wolfe really has to use the Cartwright. Hopefully they finally put the skeleton toilet seats on the toilets. Wolfe doesn’t like to hover."
And with that, the old Envoy starts up and pulls out of the parking lot. The ever optimistic Wolfe was on his way to become one of F2W’s greats. Maybe.

« on: August 27, 2017, 12:35:45 PM »

NAME: Adam Wolfe
D.O.B.: 15/01/1984
WEIGHT: 220lbs
TWITTER @: TheAdamWolfe
NICKNAME(S): The Puppet Master
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Master of Puppets by Metallica
BIRTHPLACE: Toronto, Canada
FIGHT VENUE: The Puppet Pals Play Pen
Shaped like something out of a comic book, The Puppet Pals Play Pen is dedicated to any person who has ever appeared on the 4Ps. This includes Cartwright, Bobby Franchise, Benny Stevens and Mikael. Each member has a wing named after them. There is a large statue of The Franchinger in the main hall.

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Adam Wolfe generally tries to be nice to everyone as he just wants to be friends.
 The problem is he doesn't know the line between jokes and insults. Wolfe is not the most worried about damage to his building as long as no one harms any of the puppet members.

FIGHTING STYLE: Unorthodox (Throws himself at his opponents all willy nilly)
SPECIALIZATION(S): Striking using various body parts. Throwing himself off of things at opponents. Resilience.
STRENGTHS: Being able to strike well with any body part. Being able to take a beating because of the former. Generally confusing opponents.
WEAKNESSES: Easily distracted. Equally as confused as he makes his opponents. Not afraid to cry if a puppet is hurt.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Wolfe is puppet lover to the extent he makes one of each of his opponents. Wolfe just wants to be friends but his mouth tends to get him into trouble. Wolfe believes the puppets are actually alive.
BIOGRAPHY: Wolfe was born to a single mother in the Great White North. When his mother passed away, his father found his way into his life with his half brother Austin Gale. Having wrestled all around the world and overcoming his demons (both inner and outer), Wolfe was finally able to get married. Now he has decided to throw his hat back into the ring.
1x BFW Carnage Champion
1x PAW Tag Champion
2x WoD! Provisional Champion
1x Underground Tag Champion
1x Showtime Intercontinental Champion
1x Inter Promotional Tag Champion
1x CFWA Cobalt Champion
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Long black tights with a bright blue stripe down the side. A black tank top with an unzipped blue hoodie on top.


SIGNATURE MOVES: Sock Puppet (Bootless Big Boot)
Franchinger (Eye Poke With Finger Puppet)
Puppet Plunge (Diving Double Foot Stomp)
FINISHER(S): Howler (Spear)


NAME: Austin Gale
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: Arrogant womanizer. Not afraid to cheat to help Wolfe win, much to Wolfe's dismay. Overly rich (which he is not afraid to tell you).
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: Generally shows up out of the blue. Will try to interfere in ways that Wolfe can't avoid. Otherwise, Wolfe will refuse the help.

NAME: Adam
AGE: 23
CONTACT DETAILS: Skype or Twitter works best.

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