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Title: Kid MEGA
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D.O.B.: 10/31/96
HEIGHT: 5'8"
WEIGHT: 183lbs.
NICKNAME(S): "Your Best Pal", "FIGHT BOI"
ENTRANCE MUSIC: The lights in the arena cut. A cosmos filter of light falls on the entire arena. The opening piano of "Freeze Me" by Death From Above 1979 plays and when it kicks in Kid MEGA cartwheels out onto the stage. MEGA somersaults down at the top of the ramp and then pops up before running down the aisle. MEGA slides into ring and then stays on his stomach, acting as if he's swimming. MEGA then pops up and looks as if he is going to leap over the top rope but he stops himself and stares out into the audience screaming "YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE!". MEGA shoots himself back into ring and bounces around to warm up with a maniacal smile on his face.

BIRTHPLACE: The women's bathroom of a pool hall in South Boston.
FIGHT VENUE: "MUGG FAMILY TOY CO." An abandoned toy factory in rural Manitoba, Canada. "Chelsea Smiles" was the famous doll that Mugg Family was known for following the choking death of a two year old was linked to the doll the impending lawsuit ruined the company. The factory sits and rots away, fifteen years after it was abandoned. Half-completed dolls and various pieces of it litter the grounds, as well as vermin, garbage, tools and just about anything you'd find in a factory. There is enough room for an audience but they enter at their own risk because it is perhaps the most unsafe building in North America.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Kid MEGA is an absolute lunatic who does everything and anything he wants whenever it strikes his fancy.
 His attitude and demeanour cannot be planned for.

FIGHTING STYLE: Unpredictable - A hybrid wrestler who can do anything - when he wants to. His tendencies are erratic, sometimes he can be ultraviolent, sometimes he can be technically competitive, and sometimes he just wants to antagonize his opponents until they reach their breaking point. Imagine Minoru Suzuki meets Jon Moxley and Kota Ibushi with a sprinkle of Great Muta.
- High tolerance for pain.
- Doesn't get frustrated.
- Fast as fast gets.
- Unpredictable.
- An innovator of violence (good with weapons)
- Easily loses focus.
- Childlike sense of humor.
- Not very strong.
- Out of his mind.
- Blows up easily.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Kid MEGA is certifiably insane. MEGA is a legitimate menace to society. MEGA canít be stopped. MEGA keeps evading any kind of institutionalization, despite many attempts by others to commit him. MEGA is an antagonizer who is obsessed with cartoons. Imagine the sense of humor of The Mask meets the unpredictable and violent tendencies of a Ramsay Bolton-like character. MEGA is a gifted actor who can fool most people when he needs to.
BIOGRAPHY: Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire
- Once had an orgasm purely from thought.
- Space trunks.
- Space knee pads.
- Rainbow Full Shield Sunglasses


1. Neverender (Infinite Arm Wrench Knee Strikes; heíll do these until he is gassed.)
2. The Stand (Springboard Double Foot Stomp)
3. Salemís Lot (STO Into A Koji Clutch)
4. Storm Chaser (Corkscrew Kick)
5. Fatherís Milk (Guillotine Choke)

FINISHER(S): (No More Than 2)
1. Strange Thing (Hammerlock Leg Sweep DDT)
2. Pardon You (Muta Lock)

NAME: Cody
AGE: Old enough.