Role-Play Rubric and Guidelines
« on: August 05, 2017, 02:51:32 PM »
Preamble: There is no unbiased approach to reading role-plays. Some I'll like, some I won't like and I'm not always certain I could put to words in every case precisely why I enjoyed one more than another. To make it more complicated, someone else can read the same post I did and feel the opposite of how I did. Fun, huh? This rubric is an attempt to create a standardized guideline to follow when reading your work, and determining who won and who lost.

Mistakes can and will be made. Mine is in no way the definitive judgment on how great you, or your writing is.

This is a game. Play it for whatever reason you need to play it, but don't take a win or a loss personally.

Readability /10
 - Not only a score on how easy is it to read the role-play, but how entertaining the role-play is.
      - Entertainment Value /5
          - The opposite of being bored. Did you write for the word count, or because you had something to say other than having a deadline? Was it memorable? Would I read it again? 
      - Grammar and Syntax /5
          - I doubt I'm perfect with grammar. Even with rules, experts can, and often do disagree about proper usage. See, Oxford Comma. But some instances of poor grammar and sentence structure are glaring, and make a role-play more difficult to read and understand.

Inventiveness/Creativity /10
 - A score of how unique/original/inventive your approach to your writing style, story, or your opponent was.
 - Did your role-play stand out, and have its own style or flare?

Relevance / 10
 - Does your post have anything to do with your upcoming match, or the F2W universe? Stories are great, but stories that fit within F2W in some way are greater. You don't need to cut promos, or show up on camera to speak on the issues, but I like seeing how your character fits into things aside from their own little world.

Effectiveness / 10
  - The potency of your role-play to reflect your character's thinking, and rationale.
  - How well have you stated a given argument, and how logical and well-argued is that argument?
      - Clarity of Thought and Purpose /5
      - Logic of Argument/Strength of Argument / 5