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"Halloween Special." [#3]
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:32:04 AM »
    • I bet you think we're going to pick up at the end of that big reveal, huh?

      Sorry, this time we're detouring into...  you guessed it, the Halloween special!  Devlin had arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as was required of him for the upcoming Fight 2 Win event.  He had to be there to head to the Bobby Franchise Center to face off against Zack Fantana this evening.  Devlin walked down the sidewalk and was clearly dressed for Halloween.  He wore a jacket top that featured lots of orange pumpkins, a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans.  It wasn't the best costume but at least it was festive.  Following Devlin were an odd group as his former hairdresser, the very gay but very fabulous Vontavio wore a horrific looking Sailor Moon outfit, while Freight Train, his former bodyguard followed after while wearing what seemed to be a giant carrot outfit.

      “I guess thanks for rehiring us, boss..”

      “Yeah but it's so weird Pete just left and hasn't called any of us.  You did rehire him too, right?”

      “Oh totally, but he had to go help his kids or something.  You know, Halloween is coming up..  Figured we didn't need him here anyway but, I needed a bodyguard to come here.  You know those at-risk youths are always pretty dangerous.”

      Devlin walked down the sidewalk with his group, passing a number of individuals on the street.  There were a few other people already dressing festive, even though it was a bit early. 

      “Also why are you a carrot?”

      “Carrots are scary, Brennan.”

      “It's a vegetable, it's not that scary.”

      Freight Train was a large gentleman and this had always been a problem when it came to eating vegetables and the like, so of course, he found the mere thought of a carrot to be the stuff of nightmares.

      “If you ate this much carrot, your vision would get so amazing you'd be able to see...  EVERYTHING.  Seeing everything would be god damn horrific.”

      “...  My bodyguard is on his first day back to work dressed as a carrot.  Fuck my life.”

      Devlin had seemingly gotten things together since their initial meeting up again.  He was acting a bit more like himself, cracking jokes, seemingly having himself a good time.

      “Could be worse..”

      “No, we're getting you a new costume.  Something with some fucking edge to it like a pirate or you know, Hillary Clinton.  It's the season to be festive man, everyone's already feeling the spirit and you have to feel it too.”

      Devlin had that swagger in his step again like old times and he certainly seemed to feel like a million bucks.  That eerie attitude and peculiar way he went about his actions had seemingly just gone up in thin air.

      “Have some initiative Fartrell, you've gotta be like me..”

      “I always forget that's your first name but, yeah, maybe not as much like Vontavio and this Sailor Moon atrocity.”

      Yeah, Brennan could be rather rude and not even apologize for it.  He didn't feel the need to as it had become so natural to him he felt as if he'd just been accepted to be a bit of a rude jerk.

      “Maybe something like...  I don't know, what monsters are popular this year?  King Caesar from Godzilla?”

      “Nobody knows what that is.”

      They found their way into a store that happened to be selling Halloween costumes in Pittsburgh, clearly, they were ready for the season. 

      “We're gonna find you a good Halloween outfit while we're here, then we're going back to California to celebrate.”

      Devlin walked into the store and the guys walked off and began to thumb through costumes, looking for any potential costume changes any of them might have wanted.  Brennan couldn't help but overhear a few kids talking about how they wished their parents had money to buy them costumes, they were just looking at this stuff, being pitiful.  Devlin watched for a few moments before slowly approaching the group of kids.

      “You guys spend a lot of time at the Bobby Franchise Center?”

      “We do, we all go a lot. They're all pretty nice.”

      The kid stated rather honestly, obviously having no ill will towards Zack or anyone who happened to frequent the center.  He was far too innocent for that, but this was something Brennan could exploit.

      “Heard you guys were having trouble getting costumes.  I'll pay for some costumes for you, on one condition.”

      “Do we need an adult?  Are you some kind of peckerman?”

      The group of children looked at him awkwardly and Devlin was immediately taken aback by the suggestion.  That wasn't his intent, no sir, he wasn't the type.

      “Oh no, god no.  No, I want to buy your costumes..  but they all have to be Brennan Devlin costumes.”

      KID #2
      “But I wanna be Pennywise.”

      Devlin repeated that in a childish tone soon after, mocking the child for wanting to be the clown from the movie 'It'.  No way, no sir, Brennan was the better outfit.

      “I wanna be Pennywise.  No, you wanna get hot babes, and hot babes love me..”

      KID #2
      “You're that wrestler who did the thing at that pay per view where you pulled your girlfriend's boobs out..”


      KID #3
      “Okay, we're convinced.”

      The children briefly whispered back and forth betwixt one another before finally coming to a quick sort of consensus and responding through the third child.  Though there had to be a group of at least five or six, maybe a few more.

      “Just make sure to wear it around Fantana, and when you're at our match if you decide to dress up, dress up in support of me, got it?”

      “We've got it.”

      This was like music to the ears of Brennan Devlin.  It turned out that he could corrupt the minds of the very youth that Zack Fantana fought to leave an impression on.  This was a truly fantastic development.  If he could learn just a few of them to be like him, it was more than worth it.

      “Here's you all ten bucks each to make that a little bit more viable..”

      Brennan tossed out a few tens as the kids went and picked out their costumes, grabbing as many blonde wigs and Devlin merch that happened to be there.  Yes, Brennan had the kind of reach that he'd gotten costumes here.  The children all grabbed their items and took them to the counter as he paid for every bit of them, then waved to the kids as they took their exit.  Had he really just paid off poor children under the guise of charity to utilize costumes in his likeness to mess with Fantana?

      Yes, yes he had.

      “What was all that?”

      “Just investing in the future, Vontavio...  Just investing in the future.”

      The odd demeanor returning as Devlin took on a more sinister tone of voice before turning and whistling a jaunty tune as he began to peer through more costumes himself.  He was completely unphased with the idea of corrupting innocent minds.

      Devlin found himself walking through a local 'haunted house' event where various people would experience a future Halloween night full of horrors.  Right now though, it was obviously rather empty as they were still preparing, though the effect did remain as much of the house had already been finished.  Devlin still wore the David Pumpkins style jacket as he sauntered through the haunted house, eerie music playing as things jumped out from all over, though it seemingly had no effect on Devlin.

      “I keep thinking about this match and how it's coming up faster each and every day. 

      It just stays in my head, it's all I can dream about, it's all I can think about.  I am excited, Zack.  I am fucking elated to be facing you, man!  I am loving being a part of this Fantanasy and being the villain because I mean..  what's more fun than playing the bad guy?  I've made a career out of adapting and being whatever hurts my opponent the most and I really do think that your little hero complex being crashed down to the ground by one true villain...  well?  That's gonna hurt you a lot more than just winning.

      But you said something that kind of keeps popping out at me.

      You take a jab at me about playing the hits, and yet, this shows you're not quite as familiar with me as I am with you, Zack.  If I were playing the hits, I'd be doing things a bit differently.  No, this is uncharted ground, I've never gone after lesbians, female athletes and the like this hard before...  You don't quite seem to get that, but I'm championing a cause much like you are.  You want to be the knight in shining armor and fight for the downtrodden, the weak, and make no mistake, you do think they're weak.  I know you do.  But that's just the start of the idiocy you spout off and seem to think you've hit some kind of gold vein of dialogue.  Oh, you want more examples?  Here's one of many.. You think I ran from the business, right?  But that's all just posturing you're presenting to defame me, to lessen my value and with a less intelligent man, you might have gotten that one by.  But not with me, cause ya' see.  I left as the hottest commodity around, I left as the guy everyone wanted but I took my time away because I don't need wrestling, fighting, anything.  But you all need me more than I do any of you.

      For someone who suggests that I don't need to live in the past and play my old hits, Zack, you seem to spend a lot of time bringing it up..  You'll find I've yet to say I'm better than you because of any past sequence of events, any past success.  No, I've asserted that I will defeat you in that ring to prove that I haven't lost a step.  I've given you credit, more than enough credit actually and yet, you still seem to suggest I don't see you in the right light.  You're no Eddy Poe, you're far better than that for sure, but – you still don't seem to grasp just who it is you are dealing with.  Oh but I am more than happy to educate you, very very soon.

      Though in suggesting I'm replaying the classics though, you've missed the bigger picture.

      You thought it was the classic you were dealing with,  though the truth of it was, you're dealing with the remake.  We're not talking the remake of Ben-Hur, either.  No, I'm more Cape Fear and I'm all about the big box office, Zack. Who I was before pales in comparison to who I am now.  I have evolved and I have evolved for the better, but as much as I'm good at telling you about it.  I'm even better at showing.  I'll fight you, I'll beat you and then I'll be that much closer to my ultimate goal...  and it's not just ridding sports of women athletes, no, that's too...  minor league.  I want something more, something better, something I can sink my teeth into.

      The world has forgotten just how good Brennan Devlin truly is and there's a way to teach them, to make them remember what they might have forgotten.

      I have my sights set on that Melee Championship currently in Natalie King's possession.  Whether it's her, whether it's Blackstar.  It makes little difference, but if it's her, that's just two birds with one stone, or even if it's someone else because I can wait my time.  I can wait until whenever it's appropriate to get myself an opportunity, and then?  Then – they'll look at you, Zack.  They'll look at you and they will call you a failure.  You will be a failure because you let me happen, you could have stopped me at the door, you could have taken me out before I even had an opportunity to get my claws sank into Fight 2 Win.

      But you didn't, you won't.

      You don't fathom what has been unleashed on F2W but soon enough you'll get it, you'll get more than you bargained for along with the rest of these people.  In the end, you wanted to fight for the little guy and save the weak and downtrodden but you ended up fed to the future king of Fight 2 Win. Don't worry though bud, I'll make sure that you'll be able to get up after I defeat you.  I'm not a pig, after all, I'll leave a bit of meat on the bone for the rest of the vultures that work for F2W to pick at..  Don't you worry.”

      Numerous bits of horrific imagery had popped out at him as Devlin hadn't even flinched through his walk through the haunted house.  Various copywritten characters from all works of media, yet Devlin had shown himself to be numb to any potential fear or shock they would have provided.

      “Are you happy now Zack?!  No amount of prayer is going to help you or any of them now – and you?  You will be the one they are all going to all blame for it.”

      Devlin walked out of the haunted house attraction that was currently still in the process of being pulled together, smiling a bit.  Nearby, we see Freight Train standing and looking at his cell phone, then up at Brennan Devlin.

      Back in San Andreas, California, the rattle of chains was heard as the masked gentlemen who seemed to be in the employ of Brennan Devlin dragged Skinny Pete in the aforementioned chains.  It had been days since anyone had last seen Pete and Devlin had seemingly said he was simply..  gone back home.  Though no one had heard from him..  He'd been attempting to file the chain down earlier in the night while in captivity, and with a sudden snap, the chain broke and he took off.

      “Get him!”

      The men chased after him as he returned to the sight of where the tattooed arm had seemingly fallen out of a shallow grave.  He ran down the stairs and into the basement where he saw the arm still sticking out.  He looked around on the ground before finding the cell phone he had dropped previously, picking it up and finding it still had a charge.  He struggled to text, repeatedly trying to send as quickly as he could.

      “Motherfucking...  fuck...  autocorrect now..  son of a...”

      “He's down here!”

      Pete managed to hit send before the men were on him and attacking, dragging him off as he smashed his phone over the ground in an attempt to keep them from finding out he'd told anything or checking previous texts. 

      Meanwhile back in Pittsburgh, Freight Train glared at his phone, unable to believe what he had read.  But the text on the screen was as plain as day.


      His writing was atrocious but..  now Brennan Devlin's crime had been revealed and Freight Train's jaw had dropped as he watched a smiling Devlin walk towards him.