Melee 2
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RP Deadline: Monday October 23, 2017 - 10:00 AM EST
Segment Deadline: Friday October 27, 2017 - 11:59 PM EST

Pre-Fight Analysis


Blackstar Vs. Natalie King

These two will once more be fighting for the belt, this time on Natalie King's home turf, The Whale. It's hard not to say the outcome of the impromptu main event at Melee 1 wasn't manipulated by forces unseen outside the fight. Someone reportedly infiltrated the church of scientology, and the Starship Theta before the fight, the fight itself was a last-minute addition by Angelina Altamonte herself who gave little rationale behind it's booking, even Nate Hollis could smell something not quite right about it. Blackstar is likely unhappy with the result, but was it Natalie's doing? Here, hopefully, is a chance to have an honest, even-steven fight for the Melee belt.

Angelica Vaughn Vs. Elina Cartel

Angelica Vaughn especially requested a match against Brennan Devlin after the two tore into one another over Devlin's derogatory stance on women in fighting sports. In what may very well be an intentional delay, instead, Angelica Vaughn is scheduled instead to fight once more in the Cinicinnatti Hit Girls stadium against Elina Cartel. Elina didn't have the best result in her match against the Blackstar in Melee One, but it's hard to argue that she wasn't impressive.

Zack Fantana Vs. Brennan Devlin

Two well decorated ring veterans set to square off in this one at the Bobby Franchise Center for At Risk Youth. Both are known for their keen mic skills, and more than enough in-ring prowess to back up whatever they say. This will be a battle of wits as much as ego, and a potentially impossible to predict outcome is assuredly in the cards.

Alfie Tenner Vs. Adam Wolfe

Neither of these two fared entirely well on Melee One, but that's in the past. Alfie Tenner is easily one of the toughest competitors on the roster, his resilience and endurance is difficult to equal, unless you're Adam Wolfe. Two men with unique psyches going head to head in Adam Wolfe's Puppet Pal's Play-Pen!

Kid Mega Vs. Cross Recoba Vs. Ric Greene

It's a battle of the debuts in Fight 2 Win. One of these competitors, Cross Recoba's The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas will host this fight. Cross is hardly what you'd call a rookie, and arguably neither are Ric Greene or Kid Mega. This one's much tougher to analyze without seeing anything prior, so it's best to enter into this one with an open mind, and some closed fists.