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Brennan Devlin.
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NAME: Brennan Devlin.
D.O.B.: May 12th, 1987.
HEIGHT: 6'1”
WEIGHT: 223 lbs
NICKNAME(S): The Face of [Professional] Wrestling, The Cock of the Walk, The Pinnacle of Penile Perfection, the Sultan of Schlong, The Four Course Meal of Sex Appeal.  The Boardwalk Killer.  The Fifth Dimension Space Wizard.  The Spotlight Saint.  Handsome Devlin.
PICTURE BASE: Dolph Ziggler.
ENTRANCE MUSIC: “Flesh and Bone” by Burning Brides.
BIRTHPLACE: San Andreas, California.
FIGHT VENUE: The Altar - An old church building on the outskirts of San Andreas, California where Brennan had previously bought to allow his fans to come worship and leave a tribute to their lord and savior, the Face of Wrestling.  Brennan believes that the building he dubbed the altar houses the portal to the so called Fifth Dimension hidden on the stage of the church behind a portrait of Devlin himself.  Or maybe he doesn't, nobody can ever really tell with that guy. Though there have been reports of many guests there feeling as if the eyes of the portrait followed them around the room. The twenty acre property is located in San Andreas, California and the main building itself has been refurbished, done up with neon lighting (darkened inside for effect) and fixed with all sorts of paraphernalia from the career of Brennan Devlin, as well as a place near the podium up front where one can leave offerings to the wrestling star.

Outside, a rather large statue of Ramona, a figure spoken of in the legendary adventures of Brennan Devlin, and Devlin himself is standing on full display in the center of a fountain and roundabout.  The rest of the property is undeveloped except for a decent sized warehouse building which houses a wrestling ring for training, but to get there, one must traverse an outdoor wooded area.  Though of course, there are stands in a cleared area for a crowd, as well as room to gather in the main building for 'worship' itself and enough cameras around the property to see to it everyone is sufficiently entertained.  There is also a maintenance room to the back of the 'worship' building where one can find all sorts of various tools you'd typically find to repair things.  Though from time to time, there's said to be a hand full of white masked 'followers' of Devlin lurking on these grounds that could help him in his time of need, should they see him in trouble.  There also happens to be a basement which has doors for access out behind the church building though they remain typically locked.  Inside there are various shovels and tools along with what may or may not be a grave..
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Brennan is as dishonorable as they come, he's quite the tactician and can use the elements surrounding him efficiently for an advantage.  While his fight venue might seem like a tourist attraction of sorts built to honor a legacy he'd built, there are many weapons hidden all over the place, whether it be Singapore canes, clubs, ax handles, crowbars and more.  Devlin is as crafty as they come, he'll use whatever it takes to get an edge or make his job easier.  When backed into a corner, finally he'll begin to utilize his other abilities such as wrestling and so on.

SPECIALIZATION(S): Speed. Technical. Striking (particularly kicks).
STRENGTHS: Sheer deviousness, he will fight and claw and scratch to see to it his rivals don't succeed and he does.  He's also rather skilled and speedy when it comes to professional wrestling, or most locales, the man has a well-honed body built for this stuff.
WEAKNESSES: He is extremely prone to attacks to his face, he can often overreact and be angered horrendously by an attack to it.  This causes a problem as anger clouds his judgment and causes mistakes. 
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Brennan Devlin exists on an entirely different plane, an entirely different realm.  His mental capacity understands concepts a mere human couldn't.  He's ascended to something beyond a mortal man, he's a deity, perhaps in his own mind.  He'd always been known for being rather eccentric but since returning to professional wrestling, something just seems a tiny bit off.  His own self-worship has seemingly grown even more so with an actual altar of worship built for himself.  One thing Devlin has seemingly retained is his disgust for women athletes (outside of certain ones, of course), believing men shouldn't fight women and they should all be split up into groups.
BIOGRAPHY: Brennan Devlin made his debut many years ago as a part of a short little program in OCW Wrestling known as GENEXT, which would tout supposed stars of the companies future.  He wrestled briefly under the name Brennan James before the companies closure and subsequent shuttering.  Sometime later he would develop a new persona as the 'Face of Wrestling', a new beast of a cocky heel that joined ACE Wrestling where he would begin to build a name for himself.  He would utilize this to gain a Tag Team Championship there and branch out into 4 Corners Wrestling, where for a time he held the Pride Championship and Tag Championship.  Then he moved on from there to the widely known Boardwalk Wrestling promotion, soon taking over as the Atlantic City Championship after defeating Darin Zion.  He would later co-hold this belt with Ramona Epps and make everyone kind of cry a bit.  Though after this, Devlin competed in Manifest Destiny and it sucked but he made it in second place – then moved on to defeat Boardwalk as a member of Fight One.  Then he took a break and did nothing for a while.
Boardwalk Wrestling Atlantic City Championship.
Winner of the James Avery Memorial Cup in Boardwalk Wrestling.
ACE Tag Team Championship w/ Keegan Hightower.
4CW Tag Team Championship w/ Ramona, Dakota Smith (as part of Freebird rule).
4CW Pride Championship.
Second place in the Manifest Destiny Tournament.

Considering he's fighting from various venues, he'll be forgoing the usual tights in favor of a pair of ripped jeans and a black/pink colored vest featuring his logo across the back, and a blue bandana wrapped around his forehead.  He also wears taped fists for an added effect.


Erase the Face Running Boot to Corner Situated Opponent.
Face Turn Anaconda Cross. [Used sometimes as a finisher when submissions apply.]
The Cosmic Facecrusher Codebreaker.
Pele Kick.
Repeated STO Backbreaker.
Face Time Running Curb Stomp to Bent Over Opponent.
Face Off Diamond Cutter.



NAME: Shawn.
AGE: 27.
CONTACT DETAILS: PM, Twitter, Skype, AIM, Discord, wherever.