Natalie King
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NAME: Natalie King
D.O.B.: November 10th, 1990
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 147 lbs
TWITTER @: NatalieKingMMA
PICTURE BASE: Megan Anderson
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "I Like The Nightlife Baby" - The Suicide File
BIRTHPLACE: Newark, New Jersey
FIGHT VENUE: The Old Whale. A run down dive bar where punk bands play with their untuned instruments and people get drunk on cheap alcohol. The venue is just big enough to fit in a wrestling ring for a standing room only event. Nearly everything about the bar is rundown and it’s truly amazing that it hasn’t collapsed in on itself yet. Wood floors and concrete support beams. Whenever a wrestling event is going on, the bar is just about the only place to get a seat and even then, you’re putting your life at risk in old barstools. But really, once you look past all the rotted, cracked, and warped wood, it’s kind of cozy.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: In a ring or in a cage, Natalie would be an honorable fighter, but outside? Natalie takes every fight like it’s her last. Biting, clawing, poking the eyes, fish hooking. She’ll scrap like a brawler while trying to keep her training discipline in mind. For the most part, she’ll refrain from using any items as a weapon; opting to go hand-to-hand for most of her fights.

FIGHTING STYLE: Dutch Kickboxing
SPECIALIZATION(S): Lethal knees and kicks with knockout power. Stellar stamina to keep her in just about any fight/match.
STRENGTHS: Knee Strikes, Stamina
WEAKNESSES: Inexperience with wrestling. Her own worst critic, can get disheartened mid-contest if she screws up.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Gun for hire. Given her circumstances with the mob, she’s expanded her lifestyle into a career. Not always proud of her work, but at the end of the day, it is work. Whether it be just watching over someone or cracking someone’s hands; as long as she gets paid, that’s all she’s interested in.
BIOGRAPHY: Growing up, Natalie was a wildchild. Partying all throughout high school and never making it to college as any further education was just seen as a blockade from partying. She began training in Dutch kickboxing and used her training to stay healthy while binging. Unfortunately for Natalie, all of that came to a stop after a night of binge drinking saw her beat a drug dealer within an inch of his life. A dealer that happened to be part of a local Italian mob. Though, instead of an eye-for-an-eye or anything worse, a job opportunity was presented. Not one she could turn down. Whatever they ask, she does, and it’s been that way for nearly three years now. Over time, she’s learn to just accept it and try to keep as much of it a secret as possible, but the memories of past deeds still haunt her.
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Usually wears MMA trunks + top of various colors. No boots, kneepads, or anything else.


Ballad Of Fallen Angels (Spin Kick)
Drained (Double Underhook Crossface)
Running Knee Lift
No Halo (Standing Guillotine Choke)
Exploder Suplex
No Sympathy (Running Single Leg High Knee)
Snap Piledriver

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