Zack Fantana
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NAME: Zack Fantana
D.O.B.: October 2, 1985
HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 205 lbs.
TWITTER @: @ZackFantana
NICKNAME(S): Fantanasy
PICTURE BASE: Bradley Cooper
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Lucid Dreams - Franz Ferdinand (Album version)
BIRTHPLACE: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

FIGHT VENUE: The Bobby Franchise Center for At-Risk Youth (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Distraught by how his pupil Benny Stevens' once promising career was derailed by a life of hedonism and debauchery, Zack vowed to find a way to mentor kids growing up in the system. Without the financial means to establish such a program on his own, Zack turned to a former professional wrestler known as Bobby Franchise, another man who'd tried his damnedest to keep Stevens on the straight and narrow and failed. With Franchise as the primary investor, the two founded the Bobby Franchise Center for At-Risk Youth, a facility designed to keep inner city children off the streets, and away from the temptation of drugs, crime, and sexual depravity that chewed up Benny Stevens and spit him out.

With Bobby Franchise serving as the bankroll, the facility largely serves as a monument to his ego. His pictures and plaques are displayed on many walls, leaving room for little else. Matches will be fought inside the wrestling ring inside the facility, which is adjacent to the gymnastics floor, meaning any number of springboards and balance beams could be sitting outside the ring at any given time.

It should be noted that very few of the children in attendance actually support Zack during his matches, instead happily marking out for any violence whatsoever, no matter who the victim may be.

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Zack purports himself to be a good Christian, though that's mostly preening. Mostly he's just a sanctimonious try-hard who's striving to fill the boots of his wrestling heroes.

With that said, Fantana would never use weapons in his home base in front of the children, unless truly desperate in a championship setting. Elsewhere, he's only slightly more liable to use weapons, unburdened by the responsibility of being a role model to the local children but still trying to fill the boots of the babyface wrestlers of his youth. He would be disheartened by any damage on the BFCFARY premises.

SPECIALIZATION(S): A mix of striking and acrobatics
STRENGTHS: His quickness and stamina make him elusive. Nimble on the ropes with his aerial maneuvers. Hard-hitting knees.
WEAKNESSES: Unrefined submission game leaves him prone to submission specialists. Takes high risks that often cost him. Not particularly strong.

PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: He describes himself as "Fantanasy" because he honestly believes that his natural athleticism allows him to do things in the ring that most others cannot. Fancies himself a mentor to younger workers, even when it's clearly not the case.

BIOGRAPHY: Zack grew up during professional wrestling's boom in the 1980s. He had no father figure in his life (raised by a single mother) so the brightly colored tights, glittery vests and tassels of the stars in the 80s basically represent the peak of masculinity to him. Though he never had the frame to adopt the wrestling style of the titans in those days, he's adapted his own style and dedicated his entire career to becoming a showman in the same vein as his childhood heroes, hence the somewhat inane "Fantanasy" moniker. While Zack's achieved a certain degree of success inside the ring, the crowd has never fully embraced him due to his try-hard personality, but that never really deterred him from trying to win them over - that is, until a severe concussion at the beginning of 2016 brought about a more focused demeanor out of him inside the ring.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: FWE World Champion (x2) | FWE Intercontinental Champion (x2) | theSTAGE Champion (x2) | GEW Empire Heavyweight Champion | GEW Hardcore Champion | AWE Resilience Champion

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Colored tights in various shades with his initials stylized and encircled on each leg. Black calf-high boots, black knee pads, and elbow pads and kick pads to match the color of his tights. Hands and wrists taped in white.


Flight of Fantasy (springboard forearm smash)
Sleep Apnea (pumphandle gutbuster)
Sleepwalk (backflip Pelé kick)

Lucid Dreams (corkscrew shooting star press)
The Reverie (double knee facebreaker)


NAME: Bobby Franchise
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: Canadian wrestling veteran who's painfully unaware that his star has long since faded. His hobbies include regaling people with elaborate stories of his heyday and also regaling people with shorter anecdotes of his heyday.
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES: Rarely even shows up, except in a championship setting. Even then, he really only serves as moral support to Zack, occasionally barking out advice and choosing not to get involved physically unless someone engages with him.

NAME: Zack
AGE: 29
CONTACT DETAILS: Skype, twitter