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D.O.B.: The Beginning of Time
HEIGHT: (in feet) 6’1”
WEIGHT: (in lbs) 213 lbs
TWITTER @: (If Applicable) @TheI3LACKSTAR
NICKNAME(S): Scientologist Supreme
PICTURE BASE: Andy from ToxicRose with a photoshopped star on his forehead and purple-tinted skin.
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Moonage Daydream
FIGHT VENUE: His primary fight venue is on his ship, STARSHIP THETA, orbiting 320 kilometers above Scientology HQ in Clearwater Florida. STARSHIP THETA is a dark, ominous frigate, built out of some sort of otherworldly black metal, its engines humming at the lowest levels of human perception. The design is almost biomechanical, as though it were designed by HR Giger. The fighting area is located on the recreational level. A regulation wrestling ring sits in the middle of a massive room that could easily sit a thousand spectators, all of whom are important members of the Church of Scientology, as well as crew members of ship.

The wall behind the ring, starboard side of the ship and opposite the main camera, is one massive window offering an awe-inspiring (if not nauseating for the first time space travelers) view of Earth. The sheer size is a technological marvel, the likes of which have never been seen before.

The seats surround the ring like a bowl, styled after the old gladiator coliseums of your planet Earth. The fighters enter the arena from a tunnel that cuts through the grandstands on the starboard side of the ship and follow a path through the floor seats to the ring. The ceiling of the ship, around two hundred feet above the floor, also serves as a videotron, able to play videos or pulsing images to match the fighters’ entrance. Just beneath the ceiling, rows of catwalks lined with countless lights form a square directly over the ring.

NOTE: It is rare that BLACKSTAR would ever fight in this arena. He would much prefer to embarrass foes on their own turf than grant them the honor of visiting his ship.

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Blackstar believes he is saving the planet and the cosmos. This end justifies any tactic, whether noble or ignoble, though typically he will fight with some honor until it appears the opponent is gaining the upperhand. Though Blackstar is a cosmic entity with the potential to execute superheroic feats, he chooses to fight as a mere mortal, operating at the peak level of human potential. Within that, he is willing to do whatever it takes to win, both for himself and the Church of Scientology.

In regards to his venue, it would be difficult to damage anything except for the ring. Afterall, being a STARSHIP, it is constructed out of materials that must withstand the vacuum of space.

Inside the ring, Blackstar displays many heel tactics. He will resort to underhanded attacks if the opponent is getting the better of him.

Another tactic he employs is known as the Total Eclipse (though rarely named). When BLACKSTAR appears to be defeated, suddenly the lights will go out (at his command). After several tense seconds, the lights come back up. Blackstar is suddenly on his feet in an advantageous position (behind the opponent, on the top rope, etc). He will then give the TAUNT of SUPREMACY (see below) before delivering his finisher, the #DISCONNECTION.

TAUNT: He has a signature gesture called the TAUNT of SUPREMACY which he performs regularly, whether simply as an insult to the target or audience, or as a wake up taunt.

To perform the taunt, the BLACKSTAR crosses his forearms over his chests, with his hands opened, palms facing outward, and fingers curled as if clutching invisible ORBS of COSMIC ENERGY. Then, violently, he throws his arms outward, parallel to the ground, hands still clutching these invisible-yet-IMPRESSIVE ORBS, and yells out “SUPREME!”

Occasionally, he will add a “power up” section to this taunt, often when performing it before executing the #DISCONNECTION or STARSHIP THETA finishers. After crossing his forearms, he will hold at this moment for dramatic effect while roaring loudly (see Super Saiyan transformations). He will hold this moment for any number of seconds, often several, before completing the motion and declaring “SUPREME!”

Example 1: BLACKSTAR crosses his arms then throws them madly apart, yelling “SUPREME!”

Example 2: BLACKSTAR crosses his forearms, hands CLENCHING orbs of COSMIC ENERGY. His voice roars, louder and louder, before he VIOLENTLY throws his arms apart and yells “SUPREME!” He then leaps from the top turnbuckle and delivers a DEVASTATING STARSHIP THETA.

FIGHTING STYLE: ex. Professional Wrestler

SPECIALIZATION(S): ex. Technical meets Aerial

STRENGTHS: His determination to DISCONNECT non-believers. His REFUSAL to SUBMIT to a MERE MORTAL. His DESIRE to SAVE this planet EARTH at all costs.

WEAKNESSES: His arrogance will often see him underestimating his opponents, as they are only MERE MORTALS. This will lead him to making GRAND gestures and EXORBITANT in the middle of matches, often giving would-be heroes the opportunity to take him by surprise.

PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: The BLACKSTAR is the SCIENTOLOGIST SUPREME: a living prophet of Scientology and the SUPREME LEADER of the Church throughout the UNIVERSE. He is a cosmic being with supernatural abilities, though he rarely displays such gifts in matches against mere mortals.

BIOGRAPHY: Though mere mortals are made up of millions of Thetans, Blackstar is comprised of a single Thetan who was prophesized 75 million years ago to one day return in the form of a humanoid creature, one who will wield the POWERS of the COSMOS. Since then, this being has inhabited the corporeal form of many of history's greatest achievers, such as Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, and Pasteur.

Eventually, this THETAN was resurrected in the form of L. Ron Hubbard, inspiring him to write Dianetics and found the Church of Scientology. Upon death, this Thetan was transferred into the body of actor TOM CRUISE, where it resided for thirty years. The Thetan rocketed him into one of the biggest box office draws throughout the galaxy, but eventually destiny called and the THETAN abandoned Tom to continue his life as an actor. The THETAN conceived a NEW FORM in its own image. Its designation is BLACKSTAR whose CONTROL over the forces of the UNIVERSE have registered him OT XVIII, a SUPREME BEING.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Though his THETAN has been involved in many glorious battles over the ages, he has not held any titles specific to the wrestling organizations of mere mortals.

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: BLACKSTAR, like the COSMOS itself, is androgynous. However, in order to better interact with HUMANS who are obsessed with binary genders, he uses male pronouns when referencing himself. His most distinguishable feature is the black star emblazoned upon his face and the purple tint of his skin.
During his entrance, he displays black suits made from leather, adorned with spikes and chains on his shoulders, arms, legs, and groin—the perfection combination of 80s glam metal and a cyberpunk supernatural being. These accoutrements are removed during the match, leaving him in the form-fitting leather ensemble.


NOTABLE MOVES: BLACKSTAR utilizes a number of moves that fall under the technical and aerial umbrellas. Some examples include but are not limited to:
• Stiff, Japanese-style strikes, including chops, thigh kicks, toe stomps, and more
• Japanese Armdrag
• Eye Gouges and other illegal moves
• Bulldog
• Forearm to the back of the head
• Hurricanrana
• Suicide Dive
• Shining wizard
• Double Foot Stomp
• Frankensteiner
• Diving Elbow
• Standing Moonsault
• Knee Drop to the Chest

SIGNATURE MOVES: REALITY ADJUSTMENT: High-impact lariat performed with a short run or off the ropes. Often deployed out of nowhere to counter the momentum of the opponent.

FINISHER(S): #DISCONNECTION: Shin kick to the head off the Ropes/Turnbuckle/Cage/Etc (Pettis’ Showtime Kick). Blackstar springs off of the middle rope, or any other object, with his right foot, feints with his left, then sends his right shin into the side of his opponent’s head, knocking him unconscious. The move can be hit off any object without set up and even out of nowhere.

STARSHIP THETA: High-angle Swanton Bomb. Blackstar jumps straight to the top turnbuckle (ala RVD) and turns to face the prone opponent. He then delivers his five-pointed taunt before leaping into the air, reaching a height much greater than most mortals can achieve. At the zenith, Blackstar shifts momentum and dive-bombs head first, only rolling forward at the very last second to nail the senton.

ENTRANCE: FULL ENTRANCE (Adjust as necessary to fit venue): BLACKOUT. The venue is enshrouded in total darkness. A low hum of double bass strings and organs builds below. MUSIC QUEUE: A lone trumpet rise up, quiet at first, playing the building intro of Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra, ascending to the first FANFARE.

A single SPOTLIGHT, purple and vivid, slices through the darkness. It ILLUMINATES the BLACKSTAR as he RISES from beneath the floor in a cloud of mist. OR, perhaps he is slowly lowering from the ceiling with the CRESCENDO.

The timpani thunders back and forth and then rolls, giving way for the trumpet’s return, this time with even more GUSTO. The SUPREME LEADER takes two steps forward and stops. Quickly, his arms cross over his chest. His hands clutch ORBS of COSMIC ENERGY, invisible to the eye of mere mortals. His majesty is BREATHTAKING.

The second FANFARE rises and EXPLODES. ANGELIC voices join the orchestra, until the BOMBASTIC timpani HAMMERS with alternating strikes. The BLACKSTAR marches emphatically toward the ring.

The third section, even LOUDER than the second, is timed with star-shaped lights spinning around and over the audience. He interacts with the crowd. If they give him the SUPREME salute, he will return it, shouting SUPREME with them. If they are booing him or denouncing Scientology, he will threaten to #DISCONNECT them while giving a quick throat-slit gesture.

The THIRD and FINALE FANFARE fanfare builds and then EXPLODES with a tidal wave of brass, woodwind, string instruments, and a chorus of celestials. Nearing ringside, he takes three quick steps and slides head first under the bottom rope, then pops up to his feet. He runs to a corner and leaps straight to the middle turnbuckle. Standing over the audience, he looks down upon the mob. The orchestra gives the FINAL THREE NOTES and he once again delivers his TAUNT of SUPREMACY, yelling “SUPREME” over the symphony orchestra’s final note before it's released and the music fades to silence.


NAME: Currently none

NAME: Mike
AGE: 30s.
CONTACT DETAILS: Twitter DM is best.

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