Melee 6 Segment/Match Sign-Up
« on: February 01, 2018, 11:15:43 AM »
Respond below and thou shalt be given the thing thouest askest for!

Or DM me and we can talk!

Prologue - Staff

Intro - Staff

Segment 1 - Open

Opening Match
Tommy Stone Versus Angelo Salvatore Versus Sybyl
To Be Held at Universal Studios!

Writer -

Segment 2 - Open

Match 2
Alfie Tenner Versus Reno Nevada
To Be Held in Prison :-O?!?!

Writer - Open

Segment 3 - Open

Match 3
Zack Fantana Versus Natalie King
To Be Held at The Old Whale

Writer - Open

Segment 4 - Open

Main Event
Angelica Vaughn Versus The Blackstar (c)
Melee Championship
To Be Held at the Cincinnatti Hit Girls Stadium

Writer - Open

Segment 5 - Open

Epilogue - Staff