Fragments (part 1)
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October 2017

Darkness ate up the that place a long ago, throwing his invisible blanket over all the props and the memories stuffed in bulk by unskilled and disinterested hands, dumped the same way a kid would dump a broken toy. A single torchlight pierced through the blackness, its beam of light hitting the piles of furniture and objects, casting eerie shadows on the white walls, peeled down by moisture. A squeak breaks the silence when the flashlight moves to the small space between a wooden desk and a punching machine, scaring the small mouse away. Cobwebs hanging from every corner, clear sign that not a living soul entered the place since it was shut down, two years ago. Not exactly the most pleasant of the locations, and yet…

“This is perfect.” A voice said from an behind the source of light. The torchlight started moving around the room, stopping in front of a funhouse mirror. The distorted image showed a tall man, dressed with a sort of fancy uniform standing there with his arms crossed over his chest. The long brown hair cascading on his shoulders, his face hidden by a mask. “Why here? Think about it. This place was Playland, a kingdom built on deceptions and lies. And look at it now, abandoned, slowly decaying. It’s the perfect metaphor of life. Dreams, hopes… Nothing lasts. Not if it’s built on deceit.”

He stood at the mirror, in silence. “Yes, my friend. We’re moving in tomorrow. Our crusade picks up where we left. Grab your sword.”

2 years ago...

Of the many legends and beliefs imported by Haitian refugees who came to Louisiana at the end of the 18th Century, the most famous refers to crossroads as magic spots, bridges from the natural and supernatural planes of existence. Sites where magic can happen, spirits can be contacted and paranormal events can take place.

And of course, there’s always a demon eager to make a deal.

A young man wearing some fancy black suit was on his knees in the middle of an intersection between two dusty country roads, mumbling some obscure words. On the horizon, a few miles away but still recognizable by the with all his colored lights and the huge Ferris wheel, the Pure Amusement Park stood out in his magnificence, like a white elephant in the middle of nowhere.

On the back of his head, still visible through the short brown hair, a big scar ran across the parietal bone. It surely required more than a few stitches, symbol of what must have been a tremendous impact. It’s impossible to see the identity of this person, the moonlight too pale and feeble to illuminate his facial features with his silver rays. Keeping his head lowered and he keeps whispering some words. With slow and calculated movements, almost as if he was performing some sort of ritual, he opened a small box, taking out a piece of cloth. He unfolded it in front of his eyes, still refusing to raise his head. His blue eyes darted upwards, glancing at the amusement park in front of him. And just like he pulled it out, he slowly folded and put it back in the small trunk, closing it with a click before placing the trunk in a small hole he previously dug, burying it and covering with dirt.

Hiding his face with a hoodie, he stood back up, stomping on the mound, leveling the ground. Turning on his heels, he walked away, heading in the opposite direction to the Pure Amusement Park.

December 30, 2017
Immediately following Melče #4

“It’s all over, Sybyl.” Kassandrah said with despair in her voice. And considering the events unfolded at Melee 4, it was hard to disagree. Angelina Altamonte has always been two steps ahead of them, and now they knew why. And they found out the hard way. The F2W owner had a mole in their small group, someone who tipped off every move they made, frustrating all their attempts. Reno Nevada barely escaped a not so friendly encounter with the F2W security, while Kassandrah was indeed able to enter her office allowing Sybyl to access her computer and mobile phone, just coming out with a handful of air.

The masked man was on his chair, his back turned to the computer screen and the useless data they recovered from Angelina. With his hands folded in front of his face, he glanced up at Kass. “Don’t lose your hope. Those who put so much effort to bury the truth, will eventually end up burying themselves under the weight of her own lies. It’s just a matter of time.”

Kassandrah rolled her eyes. “I honestly don’t know how you can be so calm, so sure. Do you know something I don’t?”

“Yes.” His answer sparkled some hope in Kass eyes. She moved closer, almost begging him to share this precious news with her. After today’s complete debacle, she desperately needed a small win. Sybyl stood there in silence for a little longer. “I know that Truth always finds a way. I know that, one day, we will expose Angelina and her shady business.”

Not exactly what she was hoping to hear. Frustrated, she grumbled something and left the hotel room, leaving Sybyl alone working on his laptop.

“Her lack of faith is alarming.” He whispered to himself, raising his eyes from the computer screen.Hmm? Absolutely not. The time hasn’t come yet. When? I don’t know. Things took an unexpected direction, something even I couldn’t predict. I guess I underestimated Angelina and overestimated Kassandrah associates.”

Sybyl walked to the window, glancing outside to see Kass leaving through the hotel door and blend with the crowd. He kept his eyes on her until she disappeared out of sight. “Yes, she is the one, I’m still convinced. She’s the only one. All she needs is time. And soon she will see things our way.”