Tommy Stone
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NAME: Tommy Stone
D.O.B.: Varies from person to person
TWITTER @: @ffTommyStone
NICKNAME(S): Florida's Finest
PICTURE BASE:Misha Collins
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Alpha Dog by Fall Out Boy
BIRTHPLACE: Jacksonville, FL

FIGHT VENUE: Universal Studios! With Disney World opening Star Wars branded theme parks in the near future, Universal had to come up with an idea to help draw in a new demographic. Tommy, having just lost another house to a hurricane (thanks Irma) needed a new revenue stream. Tommy, using his business savvy mindset, pitched an idea to the big shots at Universal (after breaking and entering the corporate offices) and it sold like gangbusters! Tommy Enterprises presents "Wrasslin", shot in various parts of the park (ranging from CityWalk, Universal Studios, and Islands of Adventure). The bigger the crowd the better, much to the chagrin of the local park management, the fights rarely stay within the designated area, but the more people who see it, the better!

ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Whatever is needed to get the job done. That's the mentality Tommy has thrived on, hell half his matches were won with a coffee mug to the back of his opponents head! And of course, Universal has agreed to comp any damage done to the ring/ property caused by the match, as long as it continues to draw a crowd and build buzz to the theme park. :

FIGHTING STYLE: Flashy wrestling moves, a few high flying moves thrown in there to keep his opponents on their feet. Has one submission hold to his name, other than that he prefers not to use them.

SPECIALIZATION(S): Endurance (Tommy has an absurd amount of endurance and stamina, probably from all the coffee), Has a large pool of moves to pull from (He's been wrestling forever)

STRENGTHS: Veteran in the ring, he knows a lot of short cuts and a wide variety of moves. Endurance out his ass, and isn't afraid to poke an eye or give a groin shot to win.

WEAKNESSES: His right knee, during a Hell in the Cell match his right knee went out and Tommy never got hit fixed. As technically proficient as a dead horse. Ladder Matches (In his career, Tommy has never won a ladder match)

PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: He is Florida's Finest, and the best damn wrestler you've ever seen. Tommy is probably crazy, but he won't listen to anyone tell him that. Some have called him a weed that just won't go away, others call him a persistent bastard. The only way to get ahead in this business is believing you are the hottest product around, and that's the mentality Tommy takes to heart. Unfortunately for his wife, Tommy just doesn't know when to quit, leaving him to come back for more each time. Tommy wants to be the king of the mountain, regardless of where he goes, thus he will do everything in his power to show the world that he is the finest around.

BIOGRAPHY: Having been born in the holy land of professional wrestling, Tommy was exposed to the business very early on in his life. After seeing his first live wrestling even, he knew that he had to get in on the glory that came with being a professional wrestler. And thus he waited, plotted, and finally when he was 16 loaded up his car and became a traveling professional wrestler! Unfortunately this resulted in no formal training. Tommy struggled to find an identity of his own, imitating others to get by. But failure after failure led to Tommy creating the Florida's Finest gimmick, and his wrestling world was set on fire!With this new moniker, and the confidence that came with it, Tommy's career exploded.

He hit a hot streak wherever he went, coming up with his own wrestling style and "voice", which lead to his first world title. He would go on to great success, which unfortunately, was cut short by his long time rival, The Philadelphia Phighter, who decided to take his frustrations out on Tommy's bad knee, resulting in an injury that almost put him on the shelf for good.

But once again, after another devastating hurricane, Tommy is ready to lace the boots back up to reclaim his former glory! (and get a paycheck)


- AFC Heavyweight Champion, AFC Hardcore Champion, AFC Unleashed Champion

- TFI Breakout Champion, TFI Hardcore Champion, TFI Heavyweight Champion, TFI Saint's and Sinner Tag Team Champion

- GEW Empire Champion (x2), GEW Tag Team Champion, GEW Hardcore Champion, GEW Manager Champion

-BFW Saint's and Sinner Tag Team Champion

-Lagniappe Champion

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE:A pair of black wrestling tights with a pair of tacky palm trees on each leg, the initials "FF" are placed in the middle of the trees. A pair of black wrestling boots with "FF" on them, and in his corner is his trust coffee mug.


Right Hand of Justice (Chokeslam)
Brotherly Love DDT (Legsweep DDT)
Trip Around the World (Springboard Moonsault)

Continuem Transfunctioner (Double Underhook Kneeling Ganso Bomb)
Tomikazi (Diving DDT)
(Unofficial Finisher) Coffee Mug Shot (Tommy strikes them in the head with his coffee mug)


NAME: Helena Stone
PICTURE BASE: Aubrey Plaza
PERSONALITY TRAITS AND TENDENCIES: The Yin to Tommy's Yang, for all the insanity and ludicrous ideas that come out of Tommy's head, she filters a good 90% of it, rarely is she involved in person (Due to her job being international).
INTERFERENCE/INVOLVEMENT TENDENCIES:Rarely will she appear in person, most of the interaction will be on the phone. However she has been known to show up in high stakes matches to sneak Tommy his coffee mug to help tilt the tide of the match.

AGE: 22 (I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22)
CONTACT DETAILS: The Twitter Machine