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Reno "The Outlaw" Nevada
« on: January 02, 2018, 01:07:33 AM »

NAME: Reno Nevada
D.O.B.: 11-26-1980
HEIGHT: (in feet) 6’2”
WEIGHT: (in lbs) 170 lbs
TWITTER @: (If Applicable) @RenoNevadaMMA
NICKNAME(S): (If Applicable) The Outlaw
PICTURE BASE: (If a specific image, aim for high resolution images, no cartoons please) Joseph Gilgun
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Born to Raise Hell by Motörhead

BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Massachusetts
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Reno is a pragmatist. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it requires dirtying his soul a bit. He is True Neutral, and if not for his complete lack of interest, he would be damn proud of it.

FIGHTING STYLE: Reno is a bareknuckle boxer and trained mixed martial artist.
SPECIALIZATION(S): Fast hands that drop bombs and top level wrestling.
STRENGTHS: Excellent head movement and footwork make him hard to hit. Symmetry and balance. Difficult to take down or trip. Maintains distance with long, fast punches that make it hard for the opponent to get inside.
WEAKNESSES: Headhunter. Rarely attacks the body. Doesn’t utilize kicks. Doesn’t know when to quit.
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: Nevada is a champion bare knuckle boxer. His style is influenced by all-time greats like Mohammad Ali, Billy Conn, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. He utilizes footwork, speed, and long, slapping punches to maintain distance from his opponent. Then, when the opponent becomes frustrated and tries to move inside, Nevada switches to heavy punches, looking for the knockout. Unlike Ali, Conn, and Mayweather, Nevada will do everything he can to end the fight.

Nevada is also an accomplished wrestler. He prefers stand up, but he will take opponents down when the opportunity presents itself. On the mat, he works to control his opponent, transition to a dominant position, and drop bombs.

He has also trained in BJJ for ground defenses, but he prefers to avoid being taken down as much as possible. His Jiu Jitsu game is on par with other high level brown belts.

Nevada is a showman, but he doesn't really do it for the crowd. He does it to piss off the other fighter. He'll drop his hands, talk shit, and mock opponents with the best of them. He wants the other fighter mad, because anger leads to mistakes, and when fighters make mistakes, he knocks their fucking head off.

BIOGRAPHY: Nevada was born to Patty and Madeline O'Shay in 1984, a couple of pavees that came to Ireland a few years prior. The couple were travelers, never putting roots down. They decided to get married in 1983 "just to see what the fuss was about." They chose a chapel in Reno, Nevada to tie the knot. That night, the two conceived their one and only child. They christened him after the city and state of his creation.

Nevada's early years were spent on the road with his parents, but eventually they settled in Boston, living with some distant relatives. Nevada was a bit of a troublemaker early on, always getting into trouble at school.

He started wrestling at age seven and that quickly became his life. His grades improved and he stopped getting into fights. At age 11, he also began taking boxing lessons. He was the 2001 and 2002 Massachusetts State Wrestling Champion in his final two years of high school. His performance earned him several scholarship offers. He chose Harvard because he didn't want to leave Boston.

Unfortunately, Nevada didn't care about being a "Harvard Man." It was also around this time that he discovered booze and drugs. His desire to get drunk and high soon outweighed his desire to go to class. Failing grades would have been enough to get him kicked out of school, but he had to put a nail in that coffin by getting arrested at a bar for fighting and possession of drugs.

Bounced out of college, he decided to become a boxer. He floated from job to job, anything that could fund his training and keep him filled with booze and drugs. Some of his brief careers included janitor, mechanic, gift shop associate at a zoo, convenience store clerk, and a movie theater projectionist.

After a few amateur fights, he drew interest from the pro boxing circuits. He was more interested in the money, so he went with the one that offered the most: underground bare knuckle boxing. He debuted at age 25 as a middleweight. Four years later, he won the vacant middleweight bare knuckle crown, which he has refused to relinquish despite his singing with Fight 2 Win. Overall, he competed in over 60 bare knuckle fights and never sustained a single loss.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Middleweight Bareknuckle Boxing Champion. Undefeated in bareknuckle boxing fights.
ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Black MMA trunks with TIDEofBLOOD stamped on the back.


SIGNATURE MOVES: Reno will use any and every weapon at his disposal to knock a mother fucker out. He has a personal hatred for “flippity floppity” wrestling moves, so stick with strikes and MMA grapples.
FINISHER(S): The Ol’ Right There Fred: Reno hits the other guy. Other guy goes night night. Reno is right handed, but he has knockout power in both hands and can drop his opponent with any kind of punch.

NAME: Mike
AGE: Thirty-something
CONTACT DETAILS: On twitter or on here through PM.