Melee 5
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Role-Play and Segment Deadline: Sunday January 28, 2018 at 7:00 AM EST
Show Will Be Posted on or By January 31, 2018

Maximum of 3 RPs Per Character.
Maximum of 4,000 words Per RP.

OPENING MATCH: To Be Held at Zack Fantana's Bobby Franchise Center for At-Risk Youth in Pittsburgh.

Angelica Vaughn (1-2) Vs. Zack Fantana (2-1)


Reno Nevada (0-0) Vs. Alfie Tenner (1-3) Vs. Sybyl (0-0) Vs. Shane Clemmens (1-0)

MAIN EVENT: To Be Held At The Old Whale (Natalie King's Fight Venue)
For the Melee Championship

The Blackstar (2-1) Vs. Brennan Devlin (2-1) Vs. Natalie King [c] (4-0).

Card Finalized