Hunter Storms
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NAME: Hunter Storms
D.O.B.: June 2, 1988
HEIGHT: 6 ft 3  in.
WEIGHT: 241 lbs
TWITTER @: TheHunterStorms
NICKNAME(S): The Destroyer, The Mercenary of Destruction
PICTURE BASE: Bobby Roode (Short Hair)
ENTRANCE MUSIC: Violence (Enough Is Enough) by A Day To Remember
BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Massachusetts
FIGHT VENUE: TD Garden in Boston. Place he's always been to as a kid and even as a wrestler, he still occasionally visits the place from time to time.
ALIGNMENT/TENDENCIES: Rather dishonorable in the ring, usually resulting in brutal tactics that can lead to reckless endangerment of his opponent and cause injury. Seems to care very little for how his opponent ends up after a match, unless there are special circumstances.

SPECIALIZATION(S): Technical, Power, Submissions
STRENGTHS: Experience in the ring of 6+ years, great stamina, very calculated in taking opponents down
WEAKNESSES: Reckless at times, short-tempered, degrades himself from time to time if he isn't doing well in the ring
PERSONALITY / GIMMICK: A man hell bent on destruction as his means of getting to the top. Occasionally, he will offer his services to those who are in need of backup, for a price of course.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in Boston, Storms spent most of his time as a social outcast by usually keeping to himself at school and also only really talking to the friends that he had through gaming. In high school, he played soccer all four years and at one point was granted a scholarship at Boston University to play soccer and potentially go pro, but ultimately he turned it down, citing no further desire to keep playing the sport despite the fact he still enjoyed watching it. After two years, Storms made the decision to become a professional wrestler himself, which shocked many of his friends and family for it was something they didn't expect him to pursue. Nonetheless, two years into his training, he was offered a contract to join the resurrected company known as the Global Wrestling Alliance. Throughout his tenures there, he held various title reigns, with his longest being a near year long reign as one half of the GWA World Tag Team Champions.

Other companies he worked with included the World Wide Organization, where he held a lengthy and well known feud with a man known as David Dreadful, a battle in which the two constantly fought over the WWO Northern Title, then eventually changed to the GWF Pacific Championship upon the the roster being split into the two rosters of the Global Wrestling Federation and American Championship Wrestling. Storms eventually captured the Pacific Championship following a 1000 Tacks match in February of 2014. He dropped the title three months later and went into a hiatus in order to further his training and also take some time recover from the tireless streak his body had endured. Storms later joined various other companies following WWO's foreclosure, with such companies including Master Class Championship Wrestling, New York City Championship Wrestling, and Brutal Force Wrestling. Though the tenures in each company were short, it allowed him to gain knowledge of all the other various wrestling styles that others specialized in.

In the summer of 2016, Storms signed with Pure Amusement Wrestling. Initially getting off with a rocky start of five losses and zero wins, things started to change for him when he won a #1 Contenders bout against Roscar, which made him the leading contender for the PAW Crank Championship, which was then held by Annabel Lee. The next show, Storms shocked the fans by winning the belt, in what was only his second win in the company. What others didn't know, is that Storms was also secretly working alongside Cross Recoba, which served as the reason to why Storms was brutally assaulting various superstars. Unfortunately, PAW closed following legal issues but Storms immediately jumped shipped to UnderGround Zero Wrestling, taking the Crank Championship with him. There, he got himself into a feud with Joshua Samson and Vernon Vanderbilt over the Crank Championship, but luckily he had his best friend at the time, Alex Cross, and rookie wrestler Hanzo Kirigaya to back him up. He later left the company, still holding ownership of the belt and soon enough he signed with Extreme Wrestling Corporation, doing various appearances and matches before flying overseas to join United Kingdom Wrestling Federation.

Here, Hunter was reunited with his old accomplice Recoba, and with him joined the New Management Enforcers with Arcane and Ace Watson. The group eventually fell apart as various matches strained their teamwork and eventually Arcane was the one to declare NME as no more after betraying Ace Watson. Storms then quietly faded out of UKWF, calling for his retirement from the business, citing a lack of motivation and desire to wrestle anymore, despite only being twenty nine. However, after some persuasion and long convincing from some old colleagues, he made the decision to come out of retirement, now looking to wreak havoc and destruction in the ring once more.


GWA Triple Crown Winner
2x GWA World Heavyweight Champion
2x GWA World Tag Team Champion
2x Riot in the Ring Winner
1x GWA International Champion
1x Sunday Showcase Champion
1x GWF Pacific Champion
1x PAW Crank Champion
1x UGZ Crank Champion

ATTIRE / APPEARANCE: Black MMA style gloves, black elbow pads, blue trunks with three white gold stripes on each side, blue knee pads, and blue ring boots with the center front of each boot being white



1. Spinal Adjustment (Turnbuckle Powerbomb)

2. Stunning Tap (High Impact Elbow Smash)

3. Mighty Long Fall (Pop-up Powerbomb)

4. Spine Splitter (Half Nelson Backbreaker)

5. Hellish Whirlwind (Overhead Gutwrench Backbreaker Rack dropped into a Reverse Swinging Side Slam Facebuster)


1. Grand Descent (Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb)

2. Akuma's Cursed Kiss (Pumphandle lift into a Reverse STO)



NAME: Hunter
AGE: 17
CONTACT DETAILS: Skype or Twitter DMs