Welcome home
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Strange things did happen here…

The visual that everyone can see opens in a hallway, as the cameraman makes his way down the hallway.  What’s not seen but only seen by the camera because that’s how she wants it, is that the walls are leaking dark matter, and black sand.  Mister J happens to be sitting with a dim light on the desk in front of him, reading Dante’s Inferno, as he puts down the book he was reading, because he knew that this was the time that he was getting the visitor, and he knew the fear that this visitor felt every time he had come into the dimension and came out the other side.

Mister J opens the chest behind him which happened to be sitting there, and took out the key he had handed the cameraman.  He sees the cameraman shuddering remembering the last time he had entered the dimension he had left with a pretty nasty burn, on his hand or so he thought, which scared him and Mister J had offered comfort where it was appropriate. But now this week he had no sympathy for the man whom happened to be afraid of the dimension

Mister J
The Faster you step into the dimension, the faster you return from there because she awaits you there.  She’s not in a good mood, well in a mood that I’ve seen her in.  So be warned there may be danger a foot once you have stepped inside.

The cameraman shudders at Mister J’s words but takes the key from him because he knows he has to go inside and search for her, and she will appear when she is ready for him.  As the cameraman turns the key, the locks are heard clicking inside the door, and the door suddenly pops open.  The water from the room begins flooding out as the cameraman looks curious and Mister J is oblivious to the fact, then the cameraman enters and closes the door seeing a dock combined with an island in the distance.  A boat appears through some fog that had just started to build from the water, as the boat pulls up to the dock, the bony finger underneath the robe motions for him to get onto the boat.  As the camera man continues to shake as the camera nearly falls into the water below.  He clings onto it tightly as he sits down on the boat, as the boatman turns the boat around to head back to the island.  As the cameraman moved towards the island a storm began to set in, but it didn’t seem to bother the boatman, as they approached the dock on the other side of the water, a woman was standing there in all white waiting for him to arrive.   As the lantern remained lit,  the boatman pulls up to the dock, the woman sticks her hand out from underneath the robe handing him two copper coins which she pulled from a purse she kept underneath her robe, and then the ferryman bowed and then the cameraman got off the boat still shaking.

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
No matter how many times you come here you have a tendency not to remember what this place is… this place is a sanctuary for those who have been forgotten, a home for the unwanted, and the souls that come with them.  My home is not just the home to one, but home to the many who cannot find the comfort.  But you have come a distance from the shore, and you will be rewarded for your courage here.  Now I know we have many things to discuss but we cannot do it here because we do not know who is watching, or who is out there still.  Come with me, and we’ll head to my cabin.

Starlight takes the lantern off the post she had placed it on to signal the ferryman where to go, as the cameraman began to shiver from the rain.  Star had become used to the different temperatures, and climates that the room had decided to spring on her, so she was always ready for anything.  She leads him down a dark path with her light the source for the leading.  The cameraman instinctively turned his camera on to see around him incase she decided to disappear on him while she was moving.  The Night vision on the camera showed many disturbing things including the ghosts, and the spirits of this place.  But only with that could you see them, Starlight then had turned around as the cameraman had stopped and almost bumped into her there.

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
Don’t dangle in the forest, because if you do you will become one of them.  You will become one of the souls trapped here, and then you will wonder why did I risk myself, for the interview with a woman who is only seen by those who wish to see her.  I may be something not from this world, but even I understand and fear of this place.  So do tend to keep up because I would hate for you to join them.

The cameraman nods as he stays right close to Starlight who had begun singing but the words had become inaudible for the human ear, but as the cameraman noticed on the camera that the spirits and the souls around them had begun to back up.  Starlight continued to sing until there was the cabin in the darkness that was lit up with even the glow of a fire in the background.  Starlight entered the cabin and held the door open for the cameraman then as he entered it she closed it behind him quickly.  She flips her hood off and the clothes she was was wearing when from the white at the dock to black during the walk through the rain.  She cackles as she removes her robe hanging it back up beside the fireplace to help it dry.  She then sits down offering him tea which he refused right away because he didn’t know what she would lace it with or what she had put in it which was fair, Starlight knew a few strangers who had come but turned her tea down.  She poured herself a cup, then sat down across from him knowing the camera was still running.  She looked at him puzzled, and he looked at her with fear.

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
Nine times out of ten when I see you here, you usually say nothing to me, you just record the adventure and then tend to show the world, what I have created, but you look like you have something on your mind right now?  Maybe the question that burns through everyone when they realize what I am?

The cameraman nods as he picks up the camera.

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
I’ve been open about it, I’ve been more careful too because people are trying to find their way here and their failing because they do not understand me.  Adam, you and I are going to face off this week, and something you will have to learn about me, is that I am not just your average opponent, I am not just the person you think you can push around because I am possibly weak.  You are coming to my home to fight me, and this will not be a easy showing for you.  You have to learn, that when you come here the rules are pre-determined.  You can bring toys, you can bring your puppets, and you can try to mimic me, but what happens when you learn the fear, that you thought you were ready for?  What happens when I show you the monster, and then you try to escape the dimension, and find that what your escaping is your own personal hell?  Something that the devil herself has created for you… and the only person who can save you is you.  I am your salvation in here, so I suggest either not coming or bring a toy you can rest your soul into because in retrospect your going to need it more now than ever.

The cameraman nods as he notices a spirit beginning to enter the room, and Starlight is not aware of it, but she knows that sometimes the demons here want to be acknowledged and Starlight had finished her tea, then looked at the cameraman puzzled. 

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
If there is something there just ignore them, they cannot harm you as long as your with me.  Mister J had not told you that before you got here, I tell him the rules you must follow when you come in here, and I guess it does not get translated to him well.  But at that point I’ve understood his pain, and my own pain in due process.  Adam, I hope you have learned something about pain, because I bring the pain, I bring the darkness, I make this realm mine.  You are a mere visitor to my realm.   You will find out what darkness is, and then you will remember memento mori.

Starlight cackles as she goes to pick up her robe off the mantle where she had hung it to dry, she didn’t want to go back out there but in this case the cameraman had to return to the world, and she wasn’t going to keep him too much longer.  She handed him two copper coins that she kept in her purse this time.  She then pulled her hood up showing him the painted face of the demon that she would become, then cackles.

“the Last Ronin” Starlight
Time for you to go my pretty and you will show this to him right?  Remind him he is only human and that there will be consequences for entering here.

She blows out the lantern and motions for him to follow her as she heads out knowing the path really well, because she wanted it that way.  The cameraman stayed close as Starlight again began to sing, inaudible to human ears.  But to the spirits and others around her she kept them away.  They make it to the end of the path, then she lights a fire on the dock signaling the ferryman to return to her.  He comes slowly back as Starlight vanished from beside the cameraman.  The dock blaze turns to black and gold flames as the ferryman pulled up, the cameraman quickly got onto the boat, he was turned around quickly.  Starlight appears on the shore cackling as the island began to sink into the water.  The cameraman had tried to capture it but by the time he had turned around the area was nothing but water.  The Ferryman motions for him to get off because they had arrived at their destination, and the door swung open but then Starlight appeared behind the cameraman soaking wet whispering something then leaving burn on his shoulder of her hand disappearing as the cameraman falls out the door in front of Mister J.

Mister J stands up pulling the camera man to his feet, then laughs.

Mister J
She does this everytime and you keep falling for it, literally.  See you soon.

The scene fades out.