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Title: How Loyal
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Alfie Tenner doesn’t have much guests anymore so today was a special occasion. The trainers would be his Jordan 6 pine green gatorade sneakers. The tracksuit was an adidas original. He  and opts for a crisp white tank top to wear under it. The zipper would always stay open of course. This was to show off the pièce de résistance. It was a slim gold chain around his neck that hung down to his chest. It had no medallion but it was a piece that could stand on its own. He checked himself in the mirror and ignored the insults in his head. He was all confidence as he saw a man with this much class in the mirror.

A$hley was away in the proper Dirty South tending to Hatchet Gully so he was responsible for making the house look tidy for his guest. When he made the final trip around the premises he saw nothing out of order. The damage from his little episode a few weeks ago was all cleaned up. It was his penance for his rampage against the devils in his head. Alfie had to admit that things looked better than ever. Everything was dusted, the vases and flowers were adjusted on their tables and shelves with mathematical precision. The graffiti on the wall had to be done twice since he absentmindedly painted a real horrorshow on his first attempt. Now it had a real choice mural of A$hley and Hatchet with his RSR Title and ax. His guest would really love it.

The doorbell rang and he paused for a second. There was silence. Nothing in the house and nothing in his head. He was focused and it was working. The doorbell rang again and that confirmed that it was real. Alfie checked himself in the mirror once more and ran downstairs. He opened the door to a complete doll of a lady. She wore a long tight skirt and a blouse buttoned all the way up, and tied with a bow.

“Ms. Adler at your service.” She walked in like she owned the place. And waited for Alfie to take her portfolio and coat. Once he did she looked around impatiently until he led her to the living room. He was sure that if she already knew the layout of the house she would have just barged in like an elephant going for its watering hole. Alfie sat on the wide couch and set her bag on the table in front of them. Ms. Adler picked up her bag and sat on the single couch on the side of the room. Alfie paused for a second and scooched over to be closer to her and so that the meeting didn’t feel like a therapist session.

“Do you need anything. We’ve got Dom Pérignon, Armagnac, Grenadine…” The looks Ms. Adler gave him stopped him in his tracks. “Perrier?”

She didn’t respond but instead prepared her tools of the trade on the coffee table in front of her. First she took out her notebook pad, then a designer pen on top of it, her phone switched to silent mode, and finally her voice recorder. She looked at Alfie to see if he was done and he sat there dumbfounded like a school child in front of the headmaster. So she began.

“Petunia Adler for interviewing Alphonse Blatt, professional wrestler, fighting under the ring name Alfie Tenner. Do you have any questions before we begin?”

“Oh? Petunia, then? That’s a flower, innit?” Alfie tried to smile and rest his head against his arm but it all just came out a mess. It felt like an interrogation was going to happen instead of the interview for the puff piece he imagined and practiced for.

“Indeed, but please continue to call me Adler. Alfie Tenner is an interesting nickname. How did you get it?”

“Oh my father gave it to me. It’s just the usual family thing. Our Dad taught us self reliance at an early age, right? So I’m Alfie Tenner. I get those tenners, right? Plus it sounds well hard. Don’t you think?” He grinned at her but she just gave him a slight shrug of the shoulders. She wrote her opening notes down and looked back up at him.

“Is that really why you started fighting for money?” Adler squinted at him like she was trying to squeeze the truth out of him, but he had nothing big to hide yet.

“That one was my sister’s idea. She says that I’m real good at it and that I can be real big in it. She started putting me in some fights around the estate and I did well. I never thought I would, if I was being honest. Don’t really have the temperment for it. It does seem to keep that very same temperment on the cool side, know what I mean?”

“You have a very special relationship with your sister and manager. How would you describe her as family and as a manager?” Ms. Adler asked this question with eagerness. It seemed like she was getting to the heart of her article. Alfie looked away from her to think about it and he did try to answer genuinely.

“Well there isn’t much ov a difference wiv her, is there? See, our dad grew up in the worst conditions imaginable so he didn’t want his kids to go through the same thing. He pushed us back then to grow. A$hley didn’t really see me or my condition as a bad thing like me and everyone else did. She told me once that I operated in a different headspace than other people. She said that was why she called me a space case when we were growing up. It made me feel special, that. Like… If I considered myself an alien, then I would not be able to feel human emotions. Sometimes that helped if I did something bad.”

Adler’s eyebrow went up at that like an antennae.

“What bad things did you do?”

“Oh. I only did the fighting. Yeah. Only that. Sometimes maybe I would go too far and feel guilty but A$hley just told me I was superhuman. Says that was why I got all the shite in my head. It’s God’s way ov compensating. Well she would never tell me this to my face, but I did hear her saying this to our younger siblings when they got scared ov me.”

“How interesting. Do you know about her dealings with Angelina Altamonte. Is she in her camp or not?”

“What are you on about?”

“You are aware about the ongoing power struggle in F2W, correct?”

“Oh I don’t know. When I rewatch the shows I just skip to the fighting. A$hley is the one involved in all the other stuff. She tells me about who I’m to fight next and all that. I know I failed to get the championship so I’m trying to get into the running to try for it again. She says I need to start over. Which is why I’m facing all these new blokes.”

“So you just do what she tells you?”

“She is pretty smart.”

“Where do her loyalties lie?”

“Oh, I don’t know. She does talk to the top lady a lot. Angelina, yeah? I don’t think she has any pull or nothing like that. I think they’re just friends.”

“Does she talk to any other staff? Like Stokes? Kassandrah?”

“Oh she wouldn’t do that.”

“Why not.”

Alfie laughed. “You don't really know her like I do. She is big on loyalty. Which means that when she does like you she is down for life. She doesn’t really mess about wiv acquaintances. I think that’s why Gully keeps her around instead ov playing the field like a real rock’n’roller. It all started when she defied our dad and went over to the states to meet him.”

“She went against the wishes of Arnold Dosh? What happened to her?”

“Nothing much, really… And I see you do know ov us. Very good Ms. Adler. Very good. I was hearing the word ‘liar’ in my head. Maybe it was for you this time?”

Adler gave him a look of disgust and he laughs, finally gaining the upper hand in the conversation.

“Oh don’t pay me any mind. It's a bit ov a mess up there. So let me tell you about loyalty. Mr. Dosh was surveying his empire and those ov us that could earn needed jobs. I was in the gaol for some incident or another so I was out ov the running. A$hley was a young girl running around and getting in trouble. There weren’t many consequences wiv her being who she was so it got boring. She needed a change ov scenery and there was an event coming up that would be her perfect escape.”

He smiled and nodded to let the anticipation build up but it was too long.

“What was it? Some sort of festival somewhere?|

“Oh. Yes. The Gathering ov the Juggalos.”

“Charming.” Adler sighed and leaned back in her chair. Alfie had to get her back.

“It was a premier event having the best acts in rap. You can’t beat the atmosphere. These people are real fans ov the genre.”

“I’m sure. So what happened with A$hley?”

“Oh. Right. So she went over, right, on a whim. She was all by herself in an unknown area ready to take it over. All she had on her were a couple ov dollars but as she tells it, she had some food, a tent, and a supplier by the end ov the first day. She was a regular Princess ov the Juggalos. The people there really looked out for her. The accent helped. Anyways, she caught Hatchet’s eyes one day, he had two ov ‘em back then, and he chatted her up. She tells people he had to earn it but I think she bought into it real quick. If you meet him you could see why. Just her type, he is. Gully is motivated, independent, and ruthless. So the truth is that she had to earn him. Isn’t that great? It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

“The problem was that he had this group ov girls around him at all times. All these people were vying for his attention and she barely registered, small as she was. This was a problem for her. She asked around and found out how settled he was. Even by then, Gully had carved out his own little place in the world. So she does what our dad taught her to do. She broke the problem down and dismantled it piece by piece. First she had to beat the girls to the prize. Most ov them were going to try to impress him at the wet t-shirt contest. She could not compete for obvious reasons. So she got his attention away from all that by talking business. She used all the information she had on him to get him questioning her. Get him interested. All the other birds just wanted attention. A$hley was giving him some but it came off as a bit ov a threat. She tells me she couldn’t help it. How dare this guy not like her instantly, right?

“So she got him on on this lake and found out what he wanted, and that was complete control ov Drug Bridge. What Gully didn’t know was that my sister was bred for that very task. It is almost in our nature to hustle like this. She knew that if she got him she would be able to get away from dad so she used all her skills to make it happen. She spent the next day on a mission. She made hustled the heck out ov the place. She made deals, promises, bought people off. Anything she couldn’t handle she got her minions wiv accent loving losers to convince. At the end wiv the night she delivered Gully the profits wiv the day and a promise. The biggest deal of her life, really, but only those two know what was promised. She’s been wiv him ever since. It is the same wiv Angelina Altamonte.”

Now Petunia Adler perked up.

“What is going on between those two?”

“It is just another relationship that A$hley had to work for. I don’t know all the details but their interests are entwined and getting more so by the day. I’ve heard people say that Angelina is alone in this whole thing but she has a big defender.”

“So what is your role in this?”

“Oh I’m not some super spy or anything like that. I just fight. This match right now I know what I need to do. First I’m to introduce Shane Clemmens to the organization. See if he is bought and paid like the others or not. Pretty clear about the others, aren’t we? Sybyl is a bit of a mystery still but he has a trail. There’s a fixer if I’ve ever seen one. Likes to show up to places and just meddle. I don’t really like people like that personally. Meddlers do me head in. Turns the paranoia way up. I’d like it if I got to mess up his day. Then there’s that other one Reno Nevada. Made his task pretty clear. He looks like he’s as tough as they come, but he’s not had the same road to greatness as I’ve had. I’m the only one in this match that has been here since day one. I am entrenched in this so they have to deal wiv me instead of the other way around.

“Plus, A$hley tells me that this would give me another shot at the title soon enough. That is the one thing I want. Earning that title would make me feel real special. Make me feel normal. So I’ll do anything A$hley tells me to do for that.”

Ms. Adler was about to ask another question but Alfie turned and stared at the main door with wide eyes. She turned to look and there was A$hley Quid standing there in the flesh. Alfie ran to her.

“What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t due for another day.”

“Alright? How’re we doing, then? Don’t say ‘hello’ just start questioning me, sure.”

“I’m glad you’re here.” Alfie gave up. A$hley’s attention was mainly on Adler and Adler didn’t seem fazed.

“Who’s this then.” A$hley sounded cordial but there was that sense of intense anger underlying her tone.

“This is-”

“I’m Petunia Adler at your service.”

“And look at all your things, Pet.... Why have you brought a journo over Alfie. What are you recording?”

“She just had some questions, and-”

“Get her the fuck out, please.” A$hley waved them off and went into the kitchen with her bags.

“You’ve got to go. I’m sorry I-” Alfie tried to collect Adler’s things but she stopped him.

“I will do no such thing. I-”

She stopped and Alfie had to push her down as a large vase crashed against the wall next to them. Adler screamed but A$hley growled louder. She snatched Adler by the hair and threw her out of the front door and her bag out with her. Alfie ran to his room to see Adler run away through the window. This article would not be good. He sat down in the corner of his room hearing the stomping coming up the stairs. Then he heard the knocking at the door hoping that it was just in his head.