1. 09
    F2W Signs mysterious newcomer Leo to a contract. Tentative Fight 2 Win Radio Date set for December 14, 2017 at 7 PM EST where special guest will be Hunter Storms. If you'd like to be a guest on the show as well let us know!
    DECEMBER '17
  2. 05
    F2W Recently signed returning superstar Hunter Storms. Storms was always an impact player from his time in BFW, to his days in PAW, and later in the AWE. Storms has wrestled the world over, and brings an almost unprecedented degree of capability for violence to any match he'll be signed in. More News as it develops.
    DECEMBER '17
  3. 04
    Natalie King is set to do battle with Alfie Tenner for the Melee Championship! Angelica Vaughn has a small bone to pick with Brennan Devlin who may want to get Zack Fantana back for handing him a loss on Melee 2, while Starlight will be looking to advance up the rankings in spite of the impending anger of Adam Wolfe who lost to Starlight on Melee 3 and lost his beloved Franchinger puppet in the process! They're set to do battle in the shadow of an active volcano in what is bound to be the most lively and death-defying grudge match of all time! To open the show, Gurgen Hovhanissian and Shame Clemmens debut against one another in a clash of veterans. All while the absence of The Blackstar from the show threatens under it all. What manner of blowback can we expect? We'll find out December 31, 2017.
    MELEE Preview
  4. 12
    F2W finalizes contract with notorious fighter Shane Clemmens. Melee Episodes are now located on the F2W main site, as well as other ongoing updates. F2W Radio is postponed till Wednesday December 20, 2017.
    DECEMBER '17
  5. 30
    Melee #4, The Best Laid Plans, is live. Read it here:
    DECEMBER '17
  6. 17
    Roster Updated. Welcome Tommy Stone! Radio Was Yesterday, and was uploaded to the archive, technical difficulties and all..
    January '18
  7. 27
    Fight 2 Win Signs Angelo Salvatore. Welcome
    January '18
  8. 01
    Melee 5 is live! Melee 6 is booked! Both can be found on the forums! Sybyl, Tommy Stone, and Angelo Salvatore formally welcomed aboard the roster! And we have a new affiliate! Check below to see a new angle fed that just popped up for a link to their site!
    February '18